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Glamping on Everest is Now A Thing

Music festival? Nope, this is what Everest Base Camp will look like this year. 7 Summits Club photo.

No longer just for the likes who frequent music festivals or the Moroccan desert, luxury glamping is now available for those climbing Everest! No, that’s actually not a joke.

The Everest climbing circus has been a topic of much contention for decades now, with everyone getting up in arms about the pay-to-play model so commonly used these days. Guiding companies are certainly very competitive, trying to one-up each other to cater to clients’ wants and needs.

And, ahem, well, it’s now led to this: noted Russian Everest guide Alex Abramov and his company 7 Summits Club have set up the ultimate base camp on the Tibetan side of the mountain. The following is from a post on Everest chronicler Alan Arnette’s blog

Not going to lie, this does look pretty damn comfortable. But, cmon, really guys? 7 Summits Club photo.

Some details: 40 guests will get to stay in private heated two-room “cabanas” complete with internet access, a carpeted floor, and an actual bed with a down duvet. If that’s not enough, base camp will of course include a full bar, sauna, and a massage salon.

And wait! It doesn’t even end there. The guests of course are still there to climb the world’s tallest peak, but that shouldn’t be too hard, right? Guided clients will not only be driven all the way to basecamp but will be able to sleep with fresh supplemental oxygen at all altitudes, and of course while climbing. Abramov’s reasoning behind the luxury is pretty simple: It increases the odds of climbers reaching the summit.

So, if suffering isn’t really your cup of tea, but the summit of Everest seems like a place you want to experience anyway, it can all be yours for the small fee of $79,900 for two Sherpas and 12 oxygen bottles. Hey, at least the Wi-FI and sauna in basecamp are free. And you’ll even get two free t-shirts!

*Editor's note: Incredibly, this post is not satirical. 2018 is a wild time to be alive.

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stash member Max Ritter

I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.