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Colorado’s Persistent Slab Problem Demonstrated

It's no secret that much of the West has had some pretty funky avalanche conditions this season. Particularly the presence of deep persistent slabs have made backcountry travel more difficult and dangerous. Colorado Avalanche Information Center's Will Rickard performs a compression test in Current Creek (near the Colorado Front Range) to demonstrate the snow's instability. Layers of stronger snow over a layer of weaker, faceted snow contribute largely to this area's persistent slab problem as can be observed in the video. If you're traveling in avalanche terrain, makes sure to check the forecast before you go, and submit any observations you may gather about snowpack to your local avalanche center. 

About The Author

Call me anthropocentric, but ever since I watched Jaws in a high school film class I can’t get them out of my head.  This video didn’t help one bit.  -

Instead of skiing outside in the cold, I chose to stay home and play house of hazards. Both entertaining and very safe for your health.