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Will These Patches Replace Your Duct Tape Fixes?

If you are like me, than you probably have an excess of gear that has been haphazardly patched together with duct tape in attempt to salvage expensive gear. Slowly, over time, this tape will gum up or need to be replaced as it wears out, effectively ruining the garment. In a industry that is (rightfully so) placing more value on repairing and repurposing gear, some mountain town entrepreneurs are looking for a creative to solve this all so common problem. 

One of these people is Kelli Jones, a Jackson Hole resident who was sick of repairing her gear with duct tape. Instead she wanted to fix her expensive gear with actual cloth, and let this repair showcase a small part of her personality as well. The result? Noso Puffy Patches, fabric repair patches for clothes and outdoor gear. 

The patches are made from actually fabric instead of tape, so it moves with the garment. To apply you simply clean the area in question with rubbing alcohol, press on the patch, and throw it in the dryer to firmly attach. A special heat-activated adhesive strongly bonds the patch with the gear. It can be used for anything from puffy jackets, sleeping bags to tents. 

Noso is running an Indiegogo campaign to get the patch-making process up and running, and we suggest you check it out and think about supporting it if you've got injured gear in your closet.

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