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This Dog Collar Doubles As A Water Bowl

RMU has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of these rad little convertible dog collars, which zip open to reveal a water bowl. Ryan Dunfee photo.

With the summer heat fully upon us, soon those mountain creeks that were running at full blast and providing ample opportunities to make sure Sierra, Clyde, or whatever human-named dog you have in your fleet (in my case, Jake and Tony) hydrated in the course of your bike ride or hike will be drying up, and the mid-day sun will be blasting our poor, fur-laden friends from upon high. 

The Grrowler comes in two sizes and a number of colors, and is a reasonably-sized replacement for your standard dog necklace. Ryan Dunfee photo.

My improvised move was to throw a takeout salad bowl from The Olive Garden (yes, I've been, once, on my way out to Jackson. If you're on a budget, they give you a TON of food for their lunch specials) in my pack, but when you're running light, that's not so attractive an option. That's why Rocky Mountain Underground, the boutique ski brand, designed the Grrowler, a beefy dog collar that unzips and opens up into a nicely-sized water bowl. The Grrowler also has enough room in it to zip back up with some poop bags, and has a clip for your dog's tags.

Tony the dog enjoys a few licks from the Grrowler's water bowl before searching out more elk poo. Ryan Dunfee photo.

Test dog Tony looked plenty comfortable rocking RMU's hopped-up collar, and, while perhaps not quite appreciating the situation as I was, certainly enjoyed being able to have a few lops of water on a hot summer hike. He wishes it came with a bacon dispenser, but alas he is spoiled enough as is.

The Bottom Line

Tony is wicked stoked on having the Grrowler around, and is making his brother Jake mad jealous. Ryan Dunfee photo.

The Grrowler is a really cool option for taking Milo out on long rides or hikes and make sure he or she stays hydrated, especially if you're packing light. If you don't end up needing it, great, but it's not as if your dog is burdened by a full vest, and they can just keep moping around and eating other animals' poo off the ground just like any other day in their normal collar.

The Grrowler will retail for about $50, but you can get one now for as little as $20 if you kick in to RMU's Kickstarter campaign, which they've launched to secure investment to make the collars. Tony is down for the cause, so get in on the ground floor and keep your pup watered and stoked!

About The Author

stash member Ryan Dunfee

Former Managing Editor at Teton Gravity Research, current Senior Contributor, current professional hippy at the Sierra Club, and avid weekend recreationalist.

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