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TGR Tested: TGR’S Staff’s Dialed Camping Kit

There's not much the TGR staff loves more than being outside and a cold beer. Izzy Lidsky photo.

As much as we’re all for a good sufferfest, there’s nothing like car camping in the summer with a bunch of buds to soak up a good view. You don’t have to carry much, you can bring all the beer you want, and you can use that super sweet truck build out you finally put together after spending way too much time on Pinterest. Our staff is always in favor of a quick getaway to one of the many amazing spots in our backyard in the Tetons and we sought out the best products to take your glamping experience to the next level.

Kāma Surface Co.

The Kāma mat is a must have for a *plush* campsite. Izzy Lidsky photo.

Started from an idea about making more surfaces accessible for practicing yoga, the Kāma surface is that thing you just keep finding uses for. The Kāma mat folds up using an origami style sequence and comes with a super cool jumar carrying strap that makes it more portable. Keep your eyes peeled for more products coming from Kāma this summer –they’ve got some really cool stuff in the works.

TGR’s photo library manager, Izzy, is obsessed with the Kāma because:

“I got a Kama when I broke my back so I had something more comfortable to lay on while I worked than the floor of my office. As I’m able to do more things, the Kāma’s uses just keep growing. I use it under my truck tailgate as a ‘doormat’ while camping, I put it in my bed to keep the blankets dry when I throw wet kayaking gear in there, and for beach days on the river to lounge and play games on. I pretty much bring it everywhere because I’m always able to find something new to do with it.”

Kelty Low Loveseat

Rumor has it chillin' in the Kelty Loveseat gives everyone cute couple vibes like these two. Izzy Lidsky photo.

The Kelty Low Loveseat is the ultimate car camping accessory. A double wide camp chair so you can snuggle up to your hunny, your best friend, or your dog around the campfire. Or you can stretch those tired legs out on it all by yourself from all the hiking you didn’t do to get there. It’s easy to set up and has cup holders and comes with a little carrying mat you can pop under your feet. Oh and did we mention that it’s comfortable?

Mazie, TGR’s partnerships manager won’t be caught camping without the love seat because:

“It’s super comfy, super sturdy and packs down to around the same size as a normal camp chair. Let’s be honest, there’s always one person who doesn’t have a camp chair, so instead of playing musical chairs you can just invite your buddy to sit down with you.”

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights and Luci Lux Lantern

If you live in the West and spend all summer waiting for those fire bans to kick in, a couple Luci lights will give your campsite all the ambience without the risk of an open flame. Izzy Lidsky photo.

Luci lights are quickly becoming a staple of river trips and car camping trips alike. The Lux Lantern is inflatable and has a solar panel on top that can charge your phone and the light itself. The Solar String Lights come wound up around a little solar panel hub and attached via a piece of colorful paracord. Both are lightweight and portable and, did we mention, charged by the sun?

TGR’s post-production supervisor, Kyle, keeps them in her car for all missions because:

“They’re solar powered so you don’t have to worry about charging them and they last forever which is great. They provide a great camp aesthetic and mean you’re not rooting around with your headlamp all the time.”

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket and Everywhere Towel

The puffy blanket comes with a little clasp and loop so you can wear it as a cape. What's not to love?? Izzy Lidsky photo.

Puffy blankets are taking over the outdoor world. All the best parts of your sleeping bag and your puffy coat in a blanket are sure to make any night of camping or fireside hang out as cozy as ever. For nights too hot to use a full on sleeping bag, it’s the perfect weight. The Everywhere Towel is also perfect for a summer night by the water. Use the soft, lightweight fabric to shelter you from bugs (anyone else hear about West Nile??) and let it dry you off quickly after a sunset dip.

Here’s why TGR’s friend Luca loves Rumpl the Original Puffy and Everywhere Towel:

“I have a compulsive need to jump in all bodies of water after the sun’s gone down and the Everywhere towel helped me dry off quickly before wrapping up in the puffy blanket to stay warm. The blanket and loveseat are a dynamic duo to keep you comfy and sheltered from bugs all night and is the perfect addition to my rooftop tent.”

Yeti M20 Hopper Backpack and Rambler

Cooler + backpack = portable ice cream? Izzy Lidsky photo.

The Yeti Rambler and Hopper cooler are no-brainers for camping. Keep your beer cold and your coffee warm in the rambler and toss that Hopper on your back for missions a little farther from camp. Waterproof and durable, the Hopper is perfect for paddleboarding, beach days, short hikes with cold brews, and quick weekend missions.

Marlowe, our editorial intern, won’t be caught dead camping without his Yeti Rambler or cooler because:

“At this point we aren’t surprised by the quality of Yeti products but I’ll elaborate anyway. The Yeti cooler is somehow both compact from the outside and spacious on the inside. It kept my beers and sausages cold for hours as dinner time approached. The Yeti Rambler is the perfect outdoor drink receptacle for all your camping needs. If you need to keep your morning coffee steaming hot, this is the thing for you. If you want to have a couple beers on the go but don't want them getting warm by holding the cans too long, the Yeti Rambler has you covered. The multi-faceted caps make it easy to refill and clean the interior after gulping down your ice cold (or piping hot) bev through the chug cap. A must have for your backcountry, car camping or daily needs.”

Exped Megamat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad

Camping is ALWAYS better when you sleep like a rock. Izzy Lidsky photo.

Exped has taken the camping world by storm with its unbelievably comfortable sleeping pads. They come with a little pump called the Widget that inflates the pad for you, has a light on it, and can charge your phone. For tent or car camping the pad is thick enough to insulate from the ground or your truck bed.

TGR’s gear manager Griffin, who has traveled the world on shoots, would take this pad anywhere because:

“I love how wide it is because it can comfortably sleep two people and you’re not worrying about the crack of doom. It’s super easy to inflate and deflate which makes all the difference when you can’t wait to crawl into bed. For a 4” pad, it’s light and easy to move around and is mega-comfortable.”

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