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TGR takes Onewheel for a ride

If your mountain town is bustling like ours, read on. Onewheels have graced the trails around Wydaho for many seasons now. It’s common to catch riders along the Friends of Pathway trail systems in and around Jackson Hole, beating summer traffic and giving Mother Earth a helping hand. Over in Teton Valley, folks of all ages cruise the 8-mile Victor to Driggs Rail Trail on a regular basis, making quick work of the scenic connector path.

I finally got a chance to take the Onewheel GT out for a cruise last week, during a break in the monsoon-like weather patterns parked over the Tetons.

I fancy myself an avid climber, snowboarder, and skater with pretty solid balance and edge-to-edge control. Stepping onto the Onewheel was natural from the get-go. You definitely don't need to be a zealous boarder to operate this baby.

The balance mechanism is super spot on. It’s so easy to slow down, speed up, switch directions, and even stop entirely. As I got into a groove, the carve-ability of the Onewheel came into play and felt next level. (Onewheel will tell you it’s because of their custom tire design, with a rounder profile, that perfectly emulates that powder day feel.)

Throw in the concave footpads and grippier grip tape, and this thing just feels good.

I covered all sorts of ground on the board. Everything from buttery smooth concrete to a muddy dirt-bike trail. The Onewheel GT performed on all terrain, with zero hesitation.

Surprisingly stable at high speeds, it wasn’t until I started going fast downhill that an occasional wobble would surface. Under the proverbial hood, Onewheel totally redesigned the control system using higher voltage (powered by state of the art 21700 batteries) for more power, torque and dynamic performance at all speeds. Translated: this board performs at any and all speeds.

(Attempting a berm at high speed may or may not work out if you’re still in the learning curve phase of riding your Onewheel…not that I’d know personally or anything.)

One note, the GT model is a bit heavy to carry far distances even with its aluminum, rubber gripped, premium Maghandle Pro handle. (It’s built like a tank.) Not a problem since you can ride it to wherever you want to go. Bonus points: it’s made in the USA.

For all with access to trail systems, paved or dirt, this is a sweet vehicle to cruise around with friends and powerful enough to go fast so you can really get places. So. Much. Utility.

Onewheel GT specs:

  • Top Speed - 20 mph
  • Range - 20 to 31 miles
  • Pricing - Starting from $2,200

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