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Peak Skis Unveils New Lôc8 Ski Locator Device

Peak Skis is integrating the new Peak Lôc8 device directly under the topsheet of new skis to help make finding skis in deep snow and elsewhere easier. | Peak Skis photo.

Ever lose a ski in powder, or simply just cant seem to remember where on the lodge’s ski rack you left them before après? Montana-based Peak Ski Company announced that they are integrating new locating and tracking technology into certain models of their 2023/24 lineup of skis. Working together with tracking device manufacturer Pebblebee, the new PEAK Lôc8 device provides users with the ability to locate their Peak skis using their mobile device once connected to the device inside their Peak ski.

PEAK Lôc8 devices are wirelessly rechargeable using a standard Qi charger, and the technology is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. The device is seamlessly integrated into the ski, below the topsheet material, intended to be a non-intrusive and not effect the ski’s performance in any way. 

“After years of work on the concept and the development criteria, we are thrilled to unveil PEAK Lôc8 to our community of customers and the world of skiing,” said Andy Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Peak Ski Company. “At the very center of Peak’s ethos is innovation, and this announcement is the first expression of the many strategic innovations on which we are working. Of its many uses, PEAK Lôc8 will help skiers locate their skis if lost in deep snow or if they have trouble finding them on a busy day at a resort’s base area or lodge. It also serves as a remarkably effective theft deterrent.”

The concept for PEAK Lôc8 came during Wirth’s training period for a mountaineering expedition a few years ago. Curious to understand how tracking technology might work in harsh winter environments, he attached a tracking device to his backcountry skis, and learned about some of the device’s limitations such as battery life, but was psyched on the potential it showed.

“While tracking and locating devices are not uncommon, the first iteration of PEAK Lôc8 is extremely unique in that it is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and can be easily recharged wirelessly with a single charge expected to last up to a full ski season. It’s also packed with other features and compatibility, including individually controlled LEDs, NFC for claiming, left behind® alerts, and virtual fence notifications,” said Darrin Haugen, Peak Ski Company vice president of Design, Innovation and Production. 

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