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Introducing Season II of TGR Ski & Snowboard Optics with Lenses by Zeiss

Season II of TGR Ski & Snowboard Goggles are here! Tested by TGR's athletes and crew, TGR Optics have been tested in the most extreme conditions by the best athletes in the world. Designed for maximum protection and superior vision and staying consistent with Season I, this year's collection features Toric & Cylindrical frames in a handful of lens and strap options. Buy them here now.

Frames feature best-in-class magnetic interchangeable MI3 technology so your lenses are secure but easily changed. Frames are super comfy with triple layer face foam for fit and comfort. Both toric and cylindrical frames offer superior field of view and mitigate optical distortion in any condition. Frames also fit safely over prescription eyewear.

Buy TGR Optics Goggles Now

To compliment the best frames, we worked with Carl Zeiss Sunlens on the ultimate snow lens technology - Sonar by Zeiss. Zeiss laboratory designed Sonar technology for TGR with a contrast enhancement filter especially developed to brighten snow details and boost depth perception on the snow. Shadows, uneven peaks, moguls, ever changing terrain and potential dangers become more clear and defined. Sonar technology by Zeiss is an all-round lens solution that helps improve performance with the world's best visual clarity. Our lenses increase contrast and depth perception, with high brilliance of colors and snow details, even at high speeds.

Each goggle order of TGR Optics includes a frame of your choice, two sets of lenses (Mirrored all-condition and low light lenses), an evo case, goggle wipe, and goggle bag.

See the world through our lens. 

Buy TGR Optics Goggles Now

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