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​Indy Pass Partners with The Slopes Tracking App

Do you like knowing where you’ve been
on the mountain after a long day of shredding? Do you want to put a definitive stamp on who went bigger with your buddies? If you’ve got an Indy Pass, you’re in luck! The Indy Pass is partnering with the popular tracking app Slopes to provide two days of premium access to all Indy pass holders for the 21-22 season.

Slopes’ philosophy is “Just Hit Go: forget about the app and enjoy the day.” This means smart recording, automatic detection of lifts and runs, and features designed to help you concentrate on your day, without babysitting an app. With detailed stats and smart features, the app tells you everything you want to know about your day: speed, distance, vertical feet, rest vs. active time, heart rate, interactive maps, run replays, and so much more.

Indy Ski Pass holders will enjoy access to Slopes premium for two of their riding days, unlocking interactive replays in AR and virtual 3D mountains, offline trail maps for all Indy Pass resorts, performance analysis for every run, winter maps, and more.

“We tried most of the tracking apps on the market last year and believe that Slopes is the easiest to use and offers more great features than anything out there," said Doug Fish, Indy Pass president. "We are very proud to feature Slopes as a partner and happy to recommend them to our pass holders.”

"I love what Indy Pass represents. To me, the independent spirit and freedom to explore are core parts of skiing and snowboarding. I’m thrilled that Slopes will help Indy Pass holders track their adventures across this fast-growing system of ski resorts," said Curtis Herbert, Slopes Founder.

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