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Buying a Casket? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Budget…

Ever bought a casket before?

If you have, you’ll know how costly they are. A single casket can cost up to $5000, depending on the manufacturer.

Now, that’s too much to pay. Plus, most people don’t have that kind of money saved.

Yet, they’ll still try to buy expensive caskets. After all, they feel the need to bury a loved one in good aesthetics.

But we advise against that. If you’re preparing in advance for someone’s death, stay budget.

And if you don’t know why, keep reading. We’ll give you the information below for a good decision.

#1 – The Lead Up is Expensive.

Death is always expensive.

If it comes suddenly, you’re scrapping for cash to deal with emergencies. You’re also managing a funeral on the fly.

And if it comes slowly, then it’s through a terminal illness. And slowing those down (or attempting recovery) is costly.

Either way, the money will be lost. And the last thing you need is to pay thousands of dollars for a new casket.

Simply save yourself the effort and find casket prices that are cheap!

#2 – Caskets Come in Many Forms.

You don’t have to buy a luxurious looking casket. You can always settle for something that’s basic but fine-looking.

Wood caskets are an example. They have an antique look to them that’s suitable for leaving life in grace.

Plus, they’re cheaper than most variants. So you’ll pay less for the materials and craftsmanship.

Also – Casket Types.

Some caskets cost as low as $500 – those being cremation caskets.

Many people today opt for cremation as their burial wish. And they see it as safe while being less expensive.

If cremation is your aim, then a cremation casket suits you well. You can slash thousands of dollars for other fees!

#3 – There Are Other Funeral Fees.

So earlier, we mentioned that death was expensive. But the costs don’t stop with the casket…

There are other processes to manage. After all, you’re hiring services to store and prepare the corpse for burial.

You also need transport for the casket from the hospital, to the funeral home, and to the selected cemetery.

And did we mention the religious services and funeral flowers? Those cost money too…


How will you fund the full costs of a funeral?

The answer is, you’ll have to budget.

Overall, if you choose a cheap casket that’s under $1500, expect to pay twice that for other arrangements.

#4 – Sometimes Cheaper is More Reliable.

There are services on the market that offer cheap caskets – and with proper workmanship.

It’s simply a matter of research. You need to find a service that’s clear about what they offer and has good reviews.

Plus, they should be close to your location.

With those out of the way, shopping for a casket is easy. And you don’t have to waste too much money on Costco’s casket!

#5 – Save the Money for Grievance.

After death, people don’t just get on with their lives.

There’s usually a timeframe where people take a break to refresh. That might be a few days or even weeks.

You need it to grieve and adapt to the new lifestyle. You need it to remember your loved ones before moving on.

And won’t you need expenditures during that period? You surely would, especially if the loss has caused a loss of income!

Final Tip.

You don’t need much money to organize a funeral. And you surely shouldn’t overspend on a casket.

Keep the process smooth. Be sure to find an affordable store, and find the casket that matches your needs!

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