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Alex Yoder’s Soulful Quiver Of Snow Surf Craft & Outerwear Adapted For Pow

Jay Beyer photo.

Alex Yoder is one of the select few to call Jackson, Wyoming, “home.” He was raised in the Teton Valley and grew up riding Jackson Hole. The cold and rugged mountains sculpted his style and skill, emphasizing on powerful turns instead of terrain park presses. It’s evident in his soulful approach to riding and his search for mighty mountains around the world. For the powder hunt, here’s the gear he relies on.

1. Patagonia Untracked Jacket and Pant

This powder shedding and shredding Gore-Tex jacket and pant combo is Yoder’s go-to from lift-access to backcountry. “I use the  Untracked for resort days in Jackson and hiking missions in Japan,” he says. The Untracked Jacket and Untracked Pant shells feature a tough three-layer material for ultimate waterproofing and breathability, with a light brushed polyester interior for comfort. “These are the most luxuriously functional jacket and pant I’ve worn. They're soft and cozy on the inside and a durable shell on the outside,” he adds.

2. Patagonia NanoAir Hoody

Jay Beyer photo.

The NanoAir Hoody is a staple piece in Yoder’s bag that serves as everything from an alpine insulator to apillow. Its award-winning stretch insulation design promotes movement and warmth while offering superior moisture wicking. It’s perfect for layering and serves as a stand-alone piece when the hiking heats up or when the wind is howling. “I always have one of these on hand. If I’m not wearing it, it makes a great pillow and packs away small when you don't need it.”

3. Patagonia Merino Air Hoody & Bottoms

Patagonia took the best of merino wool and made it better with their Merino Air Hoody and pants. The uniquely lofted yarn is akin to classic waffle-cut pajamas, but derived from wool from Patagonian grasslands and Patagonia’s proprietary Capilene fiber. This gives the pieces superior temperature regulating properties, moisture wicking, and odor repellency. “They’re cozy, lightweight, sweat-wicking, non-smelly merino,” claims Yoder. “I wear Merino Air whenever I want to be warm and comfortable, which is always.”

4. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L

Jay Beyer photo.

A solid duffel bag is arguably the best piece of luggage one can own. Patagonia’s 60L Black Hole is rugged yet light, water resistant and sourced from environmentally sound fabrics which give it Bluesign approval. For Yoder this travel companion is a, “carry-on sized duffel with backpack straps that I can put my paired down life into and stuff in an overhead compartment. It’s my go-to luggage for all of my travels.”

5. Patagonia Provisions

Whether it’s stuffing his pockets and pack for a long day on the hill or sipping soup and brews après, Yoder counts on the salmon, soups, fruit and nut bars and Long Root Ale from  Patagonia Provisions. “They’re delicious, nutritious, and consciously created,” he voices. “Everything from Patagonia Provisions is so tasty! We all have to eat food every day so why not eat really good food that was grown and harvested by people who are happy and genuinely care about the health of this planet? The same goes for the beer!”

6. Dragon NFX2 Goggle

Changing your lenses to fit the weather and lighting is the key to clear vision and not eating crap. Yoder counts on the array of lens tints and the simple lens changing system of the Dragon NFX2 to see through the storm. “The NFXs has a quick lens change tech with tons of lens options and a sleek profile. I wear this goggle all season long and love being able to easily change lenses on the fly.”

7. Gentemstick Boards

Yoder is one of the lucky few to ride the meticulously handcrafted  Gentemstick boards out of Japan. Here’s a look at his quiver and how they ride.

Stingray 155 (Solid and Split)

“This is my go-to board for most conditions. I ride this board inbounds at Jackson Hole, the Mt. Baker LBS and the split version all over the backcountry including Turkey’s Kackar Mountain Range.”

Spoonfish 141

“This thing is more board than you’d expect out of a 141cm. It has lots of power off the tail when exiting a carve. The board turns on a dime and wiggles quickly through the trees. It has no problem keeping me afloat in powder, too.”

BigFish 163

“The BigFish 163 is a dream come true on the groomers and in powder. Everything just feels right when I ride it.”

10. Miir Insulated Bottle

Insulated bottles are more important than you think in winter conditions. They keep your water from freezing when it’s bitter cold or keep goods like soups and tea steaming for hours. This one from comes with a conscience. According to Yoder, “this is the perfect sized bottle with a wide mouth that keeps things warm or cold all day. As an added bonus every bottle sold by Miir gives a person living somewhere without clean water access to clean drinking water for a year.”

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