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5 Last-Minute Gifts For the Backcountry Shredder In Your Life

Admittedly, it’s hard to find gifts for your that backcountry skiing extraordinaire in your life. Safely skiing out of bounds is a pretty gear-intensive activity, and it can seem like your significant other already has it all. Well, the devil is in the details, so here are 5 suggestions for rounding out his or her kit. The best part, since you’ll be skiing together, you get to use these too!

Snow Saw: G3 Bonesaw $64 

An oft-overlooked but crucial part of any backcountry kit: the snow saw. This is invaluable tool for any sort of snowpit test like an ECT, CT, or PST. Don’t know what those are? Go take an AAI or AIARE class! G3’s Bonesaw is not only one of the most packable saws, meaning you are more likely to take it with you every single time, but it actually cuts through just about anything in seconds. Use to cut through those gnarly rain crusts buried deep in the snowpack, cut off the tree branch blocking the entrance to your favorite line, or use it to cut some firewood for a winter camping mission.

Bivy Tarp: Brooks Range Ultralite Guide Tarp $135 

When the proverbial ka-ka hits the whirly thing, having a tarp at hand can be imperative to survival in the mountains. There is a reason this is standard equipment for mountain guides to carry when out skiing, whether it be a day trip or a multi-day mission. A tarp like the Brooks Range Ultralite Guide Tarp is probably the most versatile piece of plastic you will ever buy. It can serve as a 4-season shelter to keep you warm and dry, a cover to stash your extra gear while you seek the goods elsewhere, or use it to build a rescue sled when your buddy goes a little too big off that cliff. 

Snow Study Kit: BCA Snow Study Kit $95 

Digging a pit is only the start of the process when it comes to gathering info about your snowpack. Once you see what’s going on down there, its time to break out the crystal card, thermometer, and notebook to get accurate data about all those layers. BCA’s snow study kit comes complete with a thermometer, crystal card, magnifying loupe and slope meter to fill in your field notebook. All the tools are packaged in a tiny folding kit about the size of a small first aid kit, perfect for stashing in the bottom of your bag and leaving room for extra layers and a summit beer.

Education: AAI Rescue Fundamentals Class $100 

Avalanche education has changed significantly in recent years, including a complete restructuring of courses between the AAI and AIARE curriculums. The American Avalanche Institute’s Rescue Fundamentals course is an intense one-day field session that covers everything you need to know about basic avalanche rescue. This is not a boring classroom session, it’s eight hours in the field with beacon drills, shoveling and probing methodology, survival strategies, and a full-on rescue scenario. Practicing beacon searches on your own is great, but do it with the instructors at the AAI, and you will almost certainly leave with a wealth of new knowledge about traveling safely in the backcountry.

InspirationTGR Black Card Club Subscription $90

This one is for all the hardcore TGR fans out there. TGR is proud to be rolling out a subscription-based club that our fans can join to receive exclusive custom content to share with their friends, along with a bimonthly supply of sick swag. There are two tiers: the "Single Black” and the "Double Black". The exclusive content will give subscribers access to the TGR Adrenaline Shot of the Week and some delicious TGR Nuggets, fresh multimedia content that dives deep into the world of creating our ski films all over the globe. Each member of the club will get their own personalized TGR Black Card with a member code that gives them access to free shipping to our online shop, and early access to deals throughout the year. Do you know someone who loves TGR films, and fancies themselves wearing some logo hats, beanies, and t-shirts? Gift them the gift of Living the Dream this season with a subscription to the Black Card Club.

Subscription includes:

-Weekly Access to the "Adrenaline Shot of the Week"- a weekly action clip from TGR archived footage, and a quote by the athlete or cinematographer about what happened while filming.

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About The Author

stash member Max Ritter

I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.