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Why Not Lend A Helping Hand Today

We live in a very fast paced world these days. With everything going on in our daily lives we often make excuses that keep us from helping others. Yet when we choose to separate ourselves from one another we grow more hostile each day. If you find yourself making excuses and questioning your own happiness then this article is for you.

If you find that you are not lending a helping hand often it is because you already feel good about yourself. This is not to say you have a big ego, but rather you are satisfied with life at the moment. Considering this fluctuates daily you may find yourself wanting to help someone today but not tomorrow. It has also been proven that when you are a part of a group you are less likely to help someone in need. This is of course unless the whole group decides it is beneficial or necessary to do so.

When you consider your finances before helping someone else it often makes it hard to rationalize why you should give away your hard earned money. We consider we know the circumstances of everyone else. This makes it far easier to suggest they should get a job and stop asking for handouts. Often times we simply look away and avoid the whole situation all together.

If we sit around and wait for our lives to become more affordable we are allowing others to suffer. Often times this is because we could not imagine letting our lives get so far out of hand such as our assumption of the person in need. We find it hard to believe we could actually find ourselves in the same situation as the person asking for help.

We do not want to feel vulnerable so we choose to continue on with our lives no matter the situation presented to us. When you look at another person’s situation and empathize for them it is often easier to see them as human beings. This allows for true personal growth and genuine happiness.

With so many volunteer opportunities available such as Workaway it becomes far easier to offer a helping hand to another person in need. Many of these programs offer the ability to travel and the chance for cultural exchange. These programs not only allow you to still feel like you are on vacation, but they also add a little bit more to your time off.

When you return home from helping others in need you gain a better sense of self. You find yourself feeling less depressed and helping others becomes easier with each passing day. Eventually you may find yourself questioning the life choices of others less, and simply choose to help because it is a need that must be filled.

The more we help one another the better our world functions. With each helping hand the needs of others begins to dwindle. We promote a better social network, and a more understanding group of citizens is born to strive to eliminate poverty.

If you find that you are feeling down in the dumps and the world is a terrible place the best choice you can make is to find someone who is in need. When you fill their needs a small piece of you heals in a way. You begin to see the clouds dissipate and the sunrise on a new day.

Next time you feel like your world is going to end, your depression medication is not working properly, or you splurged on items you did not need, remember there is someone in the world that needs help. The best way to pick yourself back up is to be the hand that reaches back to assist them in their time of despair. After all, the action of helping has been proven to be more beneficial to you than not.

About The Author

stash member Devin Caldwell