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Where to See TGR’s Film Magic Hour, and What to Do!

If you need the perfect thing to start your winter off right, look no further than the TGR Magic Hour tour! We’re stopping all around North America and beyond this Fall to show our latest ski film, so we thought we’d make a little “Where to Go and What to Do” guide for you in our top 5 favorite spots we’ll be showing Magic Hour!

When? Saturday, September 17th, World Premiere

Where? Jackson Hole, WY

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? If you’re in town before the premiere at the village, Hoback Sports has always had our backs! In the village pre-show? Teton Village Sports is a must stop for all your pre-winter needs. Plus, they might even be having an end of summer sale!

Where to play? Ride your bike at JHMR’s bike park! A ticket or the day is 50% off with a Magic Hour ticket! Don’t bike? No sweat, there’s tons of trails on the mountain to hike. If you just want to take in the views quickly, the tram is a quick ride up to the top, and waffles await you at Corbet’s Cabin. Feeling adventurous? Ride Big Red up and hike up Cody! Caution: snow might be in your future…

Where to nibble? The Spur has some of the best cocktails in the village! Beautiful patio and a really fun bar to hang in or out before the show.

Post Party? Bring your booty over to the Mangy Moose for an official after party with music from The Deadlocks. It’s going to be a time.

Did you know? The OG TGR HQ used to be in the old tram building before Caldera was built. Then it moved into where the bank is, and now we all sit comfortably at the office in Wilson just a few miles away…

When? Monday September 19th

Where? Salt Lake City Utah: Red Butte Amphitheater

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Christy Sports has always encouraged people to step outside and out of their comfort zone into a never-ending journey. Founded in Colorado in 1958, they’re a one stop shop for all your skiing and snowboarding needs. Alternatively, Sportsden on Foothill is also a great spot.

Where to play? Try your hand at Pickleball at Avenues courts or biking at City Creek Canyon trails! Climbing at the Front (the local climbing gym) is a great spot to get those pre-show jitters out. Not a racquet, climbing or wheels guy? Take those feet and go on a trail run in the foothills or Millcreek canyon.

Where to nibble? Caputos Market on 15th and 15th for the best Italian sandwich of your life. Alternatively, any restaurant with space at 9th and 9th is a great neighborhood with shops and restaurants.

Post Party? U of U frat row is where it’s at. Try Sugarhouse Pub or East Liberty Tap House! Mellow drinks also exist at TF Brewing, and if you want to take the party downtown, check out Alibi, Twist or London Belle.

Did you know? Utah has always been a little cheeky. In fact, there’s a town at the exact center of Utah called Levan, which is just navel backwards. Sometimes in the morning, they have to scrape lint that naturally occurs on the side of the streets. Also, Salt Lake City is also home to the nation’s leading manufacturer of rubber chickens. How’s that for chicken run?

When? FOUR SHOWS September 20, 22, 27 & 28th.

Where? Seattle, Washington: Kirkland Theater, Neptune Theater, Two special WhiSKI shows at the Triple Door.

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Christy Sports sister shop, Sturtevants, has got you! Can’t get there? Pro Ski Washington is also a good bet.

Where to play? You gotta go mountain biking. Try Tiger Mountain or Duthie Hill Bike Park, or Raging River. If you’re feeling adventurous, go to Galbraith in Bellingham. Don’t bike? You can still hike up Tiger mountain, Mount Sye, Little Sye or Rattlesnake Ridge.

Where to Nibble? Serious pie, Paseo sandwiches (dank dank), and if you’re going to our WhiSKI show, enjoy delicious food at the venue along with some Tincup whiskey.

Post Party? EastLake Zoo stays true to its name. A sweet and hilarious dive bar is all we could ever want in a spot.

Did you know? There are more dogs than children in Seattle, according to a recent census report. Seattle was also the first American city to have a female mayor. She held office from 1926 to 1928, and they haven’t had a female mayor since. C’mon, Seattle. You were doing so great with the dog to kid ratio…

When? September 28, 29, 30th

Where? Denver, Colorado: The Oriental Theater

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Low and behold, Christy Sports hometown!

Where to play? Take your hand-i skills to Top Golf, or go bowling at the Lucky Strike. If you want some fresh hair, hangout in Cheesman or Wash park! You can pedal a boat, SUP, fish, lawn bowling, and more. Want something fresh and colorful? The Denver Botanical gardens never get old. After that, you could hit the skatepark downtown and around the city, or travel to Red Rocks for a hike, yoga, or workout. There are also Pickleball and tennis courts at City park, and farmers markets all over the city.

Where to nibble? There are plenty of choices near the Oriental theater like the Book Bar (yes, a bookstore and a bar, for you inquisitive type), the Emporium, Swing Thai, Blue Pan, and Fire on the Mountain (this pizza saved me one Halloween evening).

Post Party? Get that almost-winter-angst out post show at Federales by throwing a tequila ice shot at the bell. There’s always live music there, and plenty of dive bars around the area for a snappy game of pool.

Did you know:? About the whole Denver International Airport conspiracy? It’s worth a deep dive. We’re talking tunnels, Illuminati, underground bunkers, apocalyptic stuff out the wazoo.

When? September 29th (Special WhiSKI series), September 30, October 1

Where? Bozeman, MT: Emerson Center, (WhiSKI show will be at The Wilma)

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Check out our TGR store in Bozeman for all your TGR swag for the show. The round house for ski and snowboard gear.

Where to play? Hiking the M in the fall, or hiking up the Hyalite reservoir to some waterfalls.

Where to nibble? Dinner at Aleworks downtown

Post Party? Get a drink at 317 or the crystal. Best bars in town.

When? October 6th

Where? Boulder, CO: Boulder Theater

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Christy Sports ski shop. In the mood for some greenery? Any underground places on Pearl Street will do the trick. PS: If you’re a student at CU, Boulder Freeride is sending discounted tickets to the show!

Where to play? For an everyman's outdoor activity, climb the flat iron, hike on Mount Sanitanas, or ride your MTB in Boulder Canyon! If you’re a climber and are looking for something sick, go rock climbing in the flat irons.

Where to nibble? Hapa sushi, which can also sometimes be a party vibe. Something quick and close to the venue? Illegal Petes is like a nicer Chipotle with really strong margs. Looking for a cool coffee shop? Try Ozo or Boxcar Coffee.

Post Party? A co-worker and CU alum says The Downer is “the most disgusting dive bar in the world, and it’s awesome.” Want something less grungy on Pearl Street? Try the Beer Garden or Rosetta Hall.

Did you know? There’s a man at the Pearl Street mall that can fit his body into a small plastic box and has been doing it as a street show since forever. Keep an eye out for some of the best wook sightings of all time.

When? November 16

Where? Boston, Massachusetts: House of Blues

Where to find some ski + snowboard gear? Ski Monster on Canal Street if you’re serious about this stuff. Not close to the venue, but by far the best ski shop in the Boston area. The folks that work there are rad and definitely know their stuff.

Where to play? If it’s warm enough, kayak on the Charles! If water isn’t your thing, bike or run along the Charles River Esplanade. If you’re a history buff, walk the Freedom trail!

Where to nibble? Time Out Market is a cool 5 minute walk away from the venue. You always have a ton of options with a brewery. El Pelion has dank Mexican food. Cask n’ Flagon is right next to HOB and has a good atmosphere.

Post Party? Definitely Loretta's for live music. Lansdowne Pub has live music too and is always a fun time.

Did you know? That the city of Boston has the best professional sports teams in the world. Literally not even up for debate and no, we will not apologize or take it back.  

Still with us? Find a show near you here. We can't wait to see you! 

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