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Trump Claims Border Wall Was Tested And “Can’t Be Climbed”

During a visit to a section of the wall being constructed along the U.S.- Mexico border, President Trump boasted that the federal government “tested” the structure by having 20 skilled mountain climbers attempt to climb it. He was quoted as saying:

"We actually built prototypes and we have, I guess you could say, world-class climbers. We had 20 mountain climbers. That's all they do, they love to climb mountains... Some of them were champions, and we gave them different prototypes of walls, and this was the one that was hardest to climb."

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The Daily Beast reports that the nation’s top climbers have no clue what the president is referring to. When we think of “top climbers” we go straight to the likes of Alex Honnold, Jimmy Chin, and top-ranked sport climbers like Jesse Grupper. Turns out none of them were involved in any sort of testing. And then, of course, there is this video from 2016 showing two young men zip right up a section of the wall.  

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I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.