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Tate MacDowell Shares His Mountain in the Hallway

Watch the full film Mountain In The Hallway presented by Black Diamond Equipmenta story about Tate MacDowell and Brian McDonnell's goal to climb the Grand Teton amidst their battles with cancer.

We all have those moments, people, places, and passions that get us through the tough times. They are there to answer the questions that are often impossible to decipher on our own, and they help us navigate what we do not know. They are the light on the horizon, they are the Mountain in the Hallway.

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Tate MacDowell, featured in our new film Mountain in the Hallway, has been battling colorectal cancer for the past few years. But amidst chemo treatments, surgeries, and endless hospital visits, Tate truly makes the most of his days. 

Tate's Mountain in the Hallway is the majestic Grand Teton. The peak serves as inspiration for Tate, as he spent part of his life in Wyoming working for TGR and met his wife in Wilson, Wyoming. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 colorectal cancer, he and fellow colorectal cancer patient Brian McDonnell set a goal to climb the mountain in the midst of their treatment, as documented in the film.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and in this case, angles. The view looking up to the Tetons may be just as stunning as the one that looks down over the valley, full of all the people who make life so wonderful. Tate reminds us you don't need to scale a mountain to soak up every last drop....

...and more importantly that life is about sharing. Tate and his family get outside to enjoy their time together. It's all about the small moments that make up a lifetime, especially the moments shared with loved ones. 

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It is easy to forget how fleeting life is amidst the bustle of our daily lives, and when the unthinkable happens, it's more important than ever to focus on what you can control. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and that should make each embrace feel better, each smile seem brighter, and each breath seems deeper. 

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