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Skiing Patagonia After A 4-Foot Storm

Trip guest Jim R. off the plane and into the pow of Patagonia. Photo Max Artoni

With ski travel, sometimes you score, some times you just get skunked.  It's just part of the reality in snow chasing adventures.  Last week was one of those golden weeks chasing snow in Patagonia, Argentina.  We scored and scored big.  We arrived right after the 4 foot dump at Catedral in Bariloche and surrounding areas.  The skies exploded blue and we had a week of powder and corn skiing not soon to be forgotten.

sssssPowderQuest guide Maxi Artoni late afternoon turns in Patagonia. Photo Mo Rasiah

Maxi Artoni's white room with Lake Nahuel Huapi in the background.  Photo Mo Rasiah

The base of Cerro Bayo ski resort after the storm

Trip guest in Cerro Catedral's Laguna

This trip ran from July 18-25.  After the trip heavy rain fell in the area but is now returning to snow and snow is expected most of this week.  See the full photo album here on Facebook

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