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Op Ed: Why We’re Reclaiming the Word “Babe” At Teton Gravity Research

A few of the ladies on the TGR staff who are stoked to be called "babes," and use it positively. Sam Morse photo. 

On International Women's Day, in an office full of women at Teton Gravity Research headquarters (believe it or not, it's the case), we started talking about the word "babe" after someone called us out for using it in a headline. It turns out that, to all of us, a "babe" is a badass lady who’s killing it in life, at work, or (especially for us) in the sports industry.

We would like to reclaim this word. In many cases we already have, but the truth is, we don't see ourselves as objectifying women or being derogatory by using it – we actually think it's empowering. Maybe it’s because we’ve all called each other babes, and are complimented by it when someone calls us one. If you’re someone who feels that being a babe is only something skin deep, we encourage you to reconsider that idea based on what we mean when we say it.

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We at TGR find that a real babe is a strong, confident woman who knows who she is and what she wants for herself. She doesn't waste unnecessary energy fussing about her dating life, her physique, or getting attention. She is really good at what she does, and she does what she loves and shares her passions with others. And she always has a positive impact on those around her.

For the sake of all the ladies at TGR, the athletes we cover, and all of our readers, we’re reclaiming the word "babe" as a positive and empowered term. We have always celebrated the accomplishments of the female athletes in our industry – we think they're all babes. And we think they'd be proud of the title, too.


About The Author

stash member Maya Hunger

Journalist by training, dirtbag by bank account, environmentalist by passion, sea kayak guide & road bike guide in the summer, skier at heart.

It’s important to remember the fight, the struggle, the sacrifices of so many women to get to a place where you can say what you are saying.  If you respect the history, then I am all for it and love your strength and empowerment.

For 4 1/2 years I’ve been running a women’s beer club called B.A.B.E.S. (Boston Area Beer Enthusiasts Society- /
The goal of BABES is “to introduce women to new beer styles, food and beer pairings, beer professionals and all things related to beer. We also support women in the beer industry and promote the positive imagery of women who enjoy beer. We take our beer seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously and overall have aim to have fun! Men who support women who love beer are welcome”.

When I first started the club there were a few women who did not like the name, one even said the name was “infantilizing to women”. I stuck to my guns and feel that we have reclaimed the word BABE as well. Cheers to all you BABES! #Babeforce