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Why This Election Brought Jeremy Jones To Tears

TGR Photo.

The car comes to a stop, the door opens and my daughter and friends pile out laughing and dancing.

“What is wrong Dad?”

She has seen the look before. It is associated with death. I brush off the question until we are in the car driving home. Tears fill my eyes. 

“Who won the election?”

I struggle to speak. I have not said the words yet and my mouth fails me.

“Trump,” I mumble.

I feel sick. I am shaking. I am angry. Not at the uneducated blue collar white person from the rust belt who dreams of the bygone glory years of industry. I am angry at the baby boomers. The baby boomer generation that, under their watch, has systematically ruined the planet. The ones who believe in growth at all costs. The ones that only care about their bottom line. The ones who refuse to evolve and refuse to listen to science because it will hurt their bank account a few points. The ones on social security that my kids will not have. The ones that will be long gone when the burden of climate change will be shouldered by our kids. I hope the market crashes. Even if it effects my bottom line. I don’t care. 

I wake in the middle of the night. My stomach is still knotted. 

“Was it a dream?” 

“Did it really happen”

“Where do we go from here?”

“Is the fight useless?” 

“Clean Power Plan, Gone. Paris, Gone. Years of progress, gone in just a few hours. ”

“Do I give up? Do I leave the fight? I am sick of the fight. Sick of the hate. What’s the point? Is it a lost cause? Why do I bother? The human race will kill itself off. The planet will heal over time once we are gone. We are a disease.”

“Should I move to Canada? Or disconnect? Get offline? Drop out? Hide in the woods? Get out of the public eye?”

“How do I give speeches on climate now? I have one in three days. My talk about progress and hope is useless. It is no longer true.”

I focus on deep breathing and meditation to get myself back to sleep. A technique I deployed in similar situations when I have lost a friend.

Waking, I go down a similar road as a few hours ago.

“Was it a bad dream?”

I check my phone. No! I focus on breathing.

“What now? Where do we go from here?”

I look outside at a rising sun. I take strength in the last leaves hanging by a thread on the Aspen tree and the steam rising off the ground. 

I drop my kids off at the bus stop. There is a weight to the air. I get a hug from a friend. I fight back tears looking at the kids. I can’t look them in the eye. I have failed them. 

I ride my bike to work. The cold air wakes me. The morning inspires me. Nature inspires me. My least favorite Grateful Dead song comes on but I don’t bother to skip it, “Dawn is breaking everywhere, light a candle curse the glare…. I will get by, I will survive.”

Today I like it. Today I need it. It makes me smile, my first in a while.

Get over it and get going. 

The fate of the world is in the Republicans’ hands. Get the Republicans on board. It is the only way now. Start with the 11 Republicans who believe in climate change. Find a way in. Learn from them. Find more. We only need a few more. Inspire the Republican voters. I have always believed they were the missing piece to solving this. Now they are the only piece to solving this. Put more focus on the state level, the town level, the PUD level. 

The Grateful Dead song continues, “I see you got your fist out, say your piece and get out, yes I get the gist of it but it’s alright, sorry that you feel this way there is only this to say, every silver lining has a touch of grey.”

What is the silver lining?

Nevada worked. Colorado worked. Follow the playbook. Take it to tougher places.
Lick our wounds. Move on. Fight on.

-Jeremy Jones

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About The Author

Well said Jeremy. Devastated.

    Hold that thought for the time when Killary & Billary are sent to jail than come and cry us a river!

Well Said ... It does feel like a death.

    To add to due to a heart felt article and your other commitments I will also support you buy picking up a Jones board this year. I don’t need one, I have another company that supplies my rides at no cost to me, but in support of a good man I am going to support with a purchase ! Keep up the good work !

    The US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump. This shows that both the political establishment of both political parties and the media no longer have credibility with the American people.
    This what Jeremy should teach his daughter.

Jeremy, you are an inspiration with your riding (duh!) but also your civic leadership and good heart.  Thank you.  Devastated in Berkeley ourselves.

    Why are YOU devastated, Turmp never said anything negative about the homosexual community in Barkley?  I think you are going to be OK unless you planed to do a bad thing like hurt someone… then you’ll have a reason to worry! 

    I tell you what, if I see a sale on a knee pads I’ll keep you posted!

      You’re exactly the anti-gay, bad-speller type that voted for Trump. You deserve the next 4 years. Good luck.

        And you are exactly the type of complaining atheist, socialist and on top of that a gay who wants everything for free and ‘her’ way?  Girl, grow up and deal with reality!  The world does not revolve around you. Be and let other be.  We defeated Killary not because of you but because among other things ISIS-supporters Saudis/Qatari were funding Killary’s campaign with hope using Killary they could put us in war with Russia. This was just a tip of the iceberg. Those criminals would sell their mothers if someone was read to buy them. Stop pretending you don’t know that. You do.

          Wow, “on top of that a gay.” You’re absolutely fitting the Trump voter prototype to a T. Dude, I’m a straight, atheist, guy. And people like you are prejudiced and closed minded and there’s no point in continuing this. Hate-filled repetitive rhetoric (killary? Really? That’s creative). Why would you even be trolling this? You don’t care about the planet. Why bring up global politics? The leader you elected sympathizes with Putin and came name all the countries in the free world. Why reference our society? You don’t care about the hundreds of reported hate crimes over the last few days. You care about yourself. That’s cool. There’s a deplorable bucket you can jump into, I hope it protects you when the world blows up. Hit me up in a year when you guys realize that Trump pulled a fast one on you, and is laughing his ass off right now. You think he wants to help you? That’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. Maybe you should get your own knee-pads ready, so you can kneel and pray for forgiveness that you voted for a bigot who thinks China created climate change.

            Yes Sir, gay have place in the society but this place is not ahead of others and on top of others either.  As I said, without “wowing” me or anyone else, BE AND LET OTHERS BE! If anyone is prejudiced YOU are prejudiced. You demand and demand and this never stops. Giver something for a change. We had 8 years of Muslim Brotherhood loving President. We endured. You gave your best shot to elect the worst, lying scum at the bottom of the pond and the crookedest politician the world have EVER seen (see: and you failed miserably, so now be a good US Citizen for once and stop whining. Stop putting yourself first!

            PS: Just because the corrupt, lying, liberal, propaganda machine known as “mass media” says something it does not make what they say true. This applies to all the lies we heard about Putin too. if you were not a limited scope, as most of the superficial liberals are you would have listened to his speeches and would have known this already!

              Below, I meant you!  Not sousashred!

    Wow.  Who the hell is sousashred?  You sound a like an ignorant racist and are just trolling TGR.  Why can’t you let people process and grieve this election in their own way.  Read Greg’s post below, which I dont agree with but atleast he was respectful and thoughtful in his words, not the douche-bag you sound to be.  And you’re a teacher.  Laughable.

    My demographic is the least effected by this outcome but as you know, their are serious implications to a Trump presidency. Yes, change starts with the individual but it doesnt just happen. People have to work hard to evoke change but with the House, Senate, S. Court and now presidency, he has the power to make serious changes, some of which I do and others I dont agree with. Trump won and we all have to deal with it. (Democracy) I can accept that. I hope he effects positive change but based on his candidacy of fear, hate, and racism… Im not holding my breath. Its not that I love Hillary either. She has a lot of baggage and I understand why some people dont like her. That is the sad part of this two party system, when these are the choices we are given. 
    Im not for more laws, I support the second amendment and the right for a woman to choose her own healthcare choices but I just can’t wrap my head around our country voting for this narcissist. He has brought gender and ethnic equality back to the stone ages. He respects noone, including our constitution or the American people,(he wasn’t even going to concede if he lost, instead he was already filing lawsuits) He is unconscionable at business, personally bankrupting 4 companies with thousands of unpaid debts(amassing his wealth on the backs of blue collar workers, which was a major portion of his voters..?!?) . Is currently in 75 lawsuits, thinks global warming is a hoax so you know he’s voting against the environment, and will say anything to any private interest group to get their vote (Like most politicians) He is the epitomy of supporting special interest groups! He is a sexual predator which is a terrible role model, has ties to Russia, is supported by the KKK and has dupped the American people.
    Its just when people think Trump is going to be their “champion” around any issue, it blows my mind. You think he is religious, gives a crap about abortion, respects women or ethnic diversity…. No, he doesn’t. It only has to serve him. I just had more faith in the compassion and humanity of our nation. I am sadly mistaken.

      OOpps!!!  Didn’t mean sousashred… I meant Stetsontg

Ok, Jeremy. You are definitely not alone.  Your worries are shared around the globe. Today’s outcome shows that we have left people behind. They feel neglected. People who spoke out by choosing their ‘less wrong lizard’. Less wrong in their opinion. Sure as sunshine it definitely wasn’t your lizard or mine.
So what is there to do? You suggest to start small, with the couple of GOPs that do believe in climate change. That’s the top down approach.
My opinion, for the coming next four years? That ain’t gonna work. (unless someone’s getting impeached and all that :)

Better to organize stuff bottom up.

Change your routine. Baby steps. Each and every one of you. Baby steps. Room empty? Lights off. Car? Could you walk, cycle, board or skate..?  Shower. Twice a day? Really? Etcetera etc.

Educate. Teach. Instruct. Help. Clarify. That’s the main thing.

Everybody loves their children. And each and everyone of us wants to give them a better future. Not all of us have been privileged enough to give that. The outcome of the elections reflected that.

Now how could you use that to improve the situation?

    “If Trump is actually successful in curbing the power and budget of the military/security complex and in holding Wall Street politically accountable, he could be assassinated.”  Would this please you rabid liberals?

      As if that would change the way you perceive the world. We’re not on the same page here, we’re not even on the same planet. What happened man? How did you ‘come so messed up?

    If Jeremy’s hope for a better future was with “Crook Killary” he got some thinking to do - Just look what “Bonnie and Clyde” did to Haiti, after Killary sold every Ambassadorship and 50% of American Reserves of Uranium to Russians.

    Liberals, confused and superficial ones, America made the right choice! Hit the slopes, shred and let us try the new thing!

hi Jeremy,

I am a conservative who loves powder skiing and watching your videos.  I voted for Trump because of my views on govt overreach and the fiscal insanity going on among many other things (e.i. Hillary’s trustworthiness).  Though I am very conservative, I care greatly about our climate.  I think many politicians have used fear tactics and assumption to profit and unjustly waste our tax dollars on green companies that put money into their pockets (when i say “waste”, i mean bad business decisions but good intent). I do believe that fossil fuels have an effect on the environment.  i hope you use your positive outlook on life, status and your passion to reach out to Trump and his administration to start a dialogue.  I would hope we can use a robust economy to continue to fund investment into clean energy such as solar and wind and eventually rid our dependence on fossil fuels.  A majority of conservatives feel this way.  I would love to work on a plan with you to unite republicans, democrats and independents for a cause to promote protection for our environment.  i hope we could do so without ostracizing people for having views that don’t align perfectly our own.  It breaks my heart to see such an amazing person so upset.  i have 2 young daughters and I am always worried about their future.  I’m so sick of divisiveness and political warfare.  We have all been pitted against each other and I hope we can unite on certain levels. 

Either way, please keep up your good work.  And I apoligize, my grammar is not good. 

Your Friend,

Greg McK

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men” - JFK

    Hello Greg,

    Thank you for sharing your perspective.  Though it is one I disagree with, and find to be potentially harmful to the environment and long term GDP,  I think it is important to communicate openly if we are to make progress moving forward.

    I would like to pose to you a question:

    As a conservative, do you feel that everyone should pull their own weight?  That noone should feel entitled to the hard-earned resources of another?  That individual responsibility is key to a successful nation?

    If so,  I urge you to consider the following: Fossil fuels do impact our environment.  This impact has costs: it costs money when sea levels flood to historic heights in coastal areas, it costs the workers and investors of ski areas money when snow doesn’t fall, it costs farmers and consumers money when droughts occur, it costs our healthcare system money when people get lung cancer from polluted air, it costs Jeremy’s company money when glaciers melt and there is less of a geographic market for splitboarding. 

    These costs are real, and many are directly attributable to the burning of fossil fuels.  Right now, when we buy a gallon of fuel, we aren’t covering those costs.  The price of the fuel only accounts for the cost of producing and transporting and selling the fuel, but completely neglects to account for these external costs.  When we buy fuel at a price that doesn’t cover these external costs, we are freeloading off of all the people whose personal pocketbooks will be affected by our emissions. 

    Please consider a carbon tax, and share the idea with your friends.  It shouldn’t be a partisan issue—both sides of the aisle rely on the economic and cultural value of our environment for their well-being. 

    Many notable conservative economists, such as Reagan’s Milton Friedman, as well as distinguished liberal economists have supported the idea.  The discussion needs to keep moving forward, Democrat or Republican.

      thanks Kyle, but again, you’re are echoing many of the same scare tactics I hear from the left wing base on a daily bases.  I go to the same beach every few years I’ve been going to as a kid.  and it’s still there, every bit of it.  The climate changes.  Winters were very mild here in the east a few years back while the west was getting pounded with snow.  Now, you guys seem to be seeing ridging and small snow totals while we have frigid temps and lots of snow and cold fronts. 

      I will agree to plenty of new taxes when the govt starts spending my money wisely and not spiraling us into a insurmountable debt.  Taking our tax dollars and giving them to Green companies just so see them go bankrupt is not wise.  Again, good intent, bad business.  Just like ObamaCare, wonderful intent, horrid business decision. 

      WE can all agree that fossil fuels not good for the environment, but we are not all going to agree on the exact impact totals.  I want to get rid of fossil fuels eventually, but until then we need to maximize oil’s effect on our economy and growth all while incentivizing the growth of green alternative energy.  It has to be funded, best way to do it is by having a robust economy and common agreement that green energy needs to be our future.   

      And let me tell you, we have a long way to get to this point.  Oil and Fossil Fuels are 100% responsible for all the nice things we have today.  Without them, ya’ll wouldn’t be shredding for a living and griping about all us yuppies making a living in the real world. 

      done ranting, gotta go back to work. 

      I really hope that Jeremy and people like him would start creating more conversations with open minded conservatives like myself, without getting way off topic and screaming “the end is near”.  cuz it’s not. 

      Please anyone let me know if they would like to take this conversation further.  Maybe some kind of con call forum where people with different political opinions can work together to get towards cleaner energy.  I would love to be apart of something like that. 

      Your Friend,

      Greg Mck

      Greg - not care tactics, science. Do me a favor (I’ve had my students do this; I teach at Boston College). Google “Climate Change scientific (not scare) findings.” Then, read all the reports that are not partisan, but from SCIENTISTS. Once you realize that climate change exists, and that the majority of the world recognizes that, realize that Trump thinks it is a hoax. Trump’s 4 years are a huge step back, any way you slice it, and if you think he is going to help the environment, you are drinking the Kool-Aid. He cares about himself, and money, and power. Not the planet. Look who he plans to appoint!

        Never said trump was going to help the environment.  Just because you are a big shot college professor doesn’t mean you can read minds bro.  I’ve read plenty of articles and research.  Mostly by scientist who receive govt grants to return evidence supporting climate change.  I still think the climate is changing though.  It’s been changing since earths existence.  And i do want to replace fossil fuels because they are harmful…but don’t forget fossil fuels built that college you teach at.  and the house you live in and car you drive (even if it’s electric, it’s powered by coal fired and nuclear power plants.  Green energy will be very successful one day and our lives and economy and country will thrive because of it.  And i’m not one of your students so i won’t be doing you any favors.  Maybe if you libs hadn’t freaked out about Nuclear Power back in the 60’s and 70’s we would have more of them and be less dependent on coal and diesel fuel. 

        And not “care” tactics”?  I din’t go to college so I am allowed grammatical errors.  Why isn’t it called global warming anymore?  why is the earth cooling? 

          Greg- not a big shot. I’m a writer who teaches at a college part time. I spent years snowboarding and have worked many, many labor and minimum wage jobs - I still do. Curb your judgements. The anger in my tone comes from the fact that we are so divided. Maybe not all green spending has worked, but we were moving in the right direction with cutting down emissions and moving away from coal. We know that these fuels have made things possible - we also know we need to move away from them. What scares me is that you obviously care about the environment, but you voted for someone who has said climate change is a hoax, created by China, and intends to undo all the progress we’ve made immediately. Why do you think Jeremy and so many others are so worried? So, you sacrificed all that for hillary’s lack of transparency. Which is hilarious, because trump would not release taxes and has lied about every single position since day one - whether it’s screwing the little guy at his university, harassing women, or any of the other frightening behaviors he has exhibited. And, to your assessment - the beaches where I grew up on the east coast are decimated. The waterfront properties are on the verge of falling into the sea. The data is in about global warming, and the US is behind; now we are going backwards.

          And please don’t make college seem like a bad thing. I have a ton of loans to pay, I didn’t grow up privileged, I just believe in educating ourselves.

          I’m hoping we can come together, too.

      I have learned that we are all a part of the problem, therefor we must all be part of the solution…and I’m even talking people like Leonardo DiCaprio.  As I biologist living in rural Alaska where you cannot drive to - you must fly in - my carbon footprint is substantial! If you have an illness that won’t heal on its own, you must first acknowledge you have it and then act on it if you’re going to get better.

      I wrote an article pointing that out - hoping it will get average people like us, and even people like Leonardo to admit that we must acknowledge our own hand in climate change.  The denier type always accuse us enviro types of being hypocrites…and often they’re not wrong.  Here’s the url for the article:

      Hopefully it catches on!

    I agree with you Greg, and I stopped reading at “uneducated blue collar white person from the rust belt”. Jeremy Jones is clearly out of touch with the average American. It really seems as though he has good intentions but is living inside of a bubble, he must think everyone has access to skiing. Also not everyone is buying the alarmism surrounding climate change. We know carbon emissions are contributing to it, we know its changing. We get it. Everyone should just buy a Tesla and go vegan. Please try to understand what some people in the non-mountainous parts of the country are going through. It’s a lot rougher and more stressful than snowboarding in powder and climbing mountains, and it’s why we saw the turnout that elected Donald Trump.

      That’s all good until you look at facts.  The average income of a Trump primary voter was about $70k a year, hardly starvation levels. 

      The simple truth of this election is that “take America back,” and “make America great again” had very little to do with economics.  You can deny it all you want, but uneducated blue collar white people were the vast majority of the Trump coalition, and they voted with Trump because they are angry that the country is changing, that religion is becoming less important, that we had a black President, that we question police brutality instead of ignoring the issues, that our cultural and business leaders are ever more diverse, that we question unfettered ownership of guns, that we acknowledge that our gay friends are people too, that climate change is real, and that we increasingly don’t feel that this country needs a military the size of all other militaries on the planet combined.  It’s a last gasp cultural scream of a dying majority.  They’ll spend the next two years furiously clawing back the cultural gains made in the past decade.  Unfortunately for them, the younger and more open minded are growing in number and influence, and we’ll gain back that ground and fight for it for years to come.

      The party of “family values” just elected a man who brags about sexual assault, about cheating on his wife, etc.  It’s amusing to me that the “bring back American jobs” voters will be lining up 3 weeks from now to trample each other at Wal Mart on black Friday to buy a $100 TV made in China, and it saddens me that they won’t even get the irony of the whole thing.

      Jeremy Jones is a hopeless liberal in love with Criminal Kiilary. He is one of the superficial Americans who does not look in debt of anything. Fact that Kilary’s sponsors also sponsors ISIS is completely OK for him.

        I read his article, and then I read your response.  Then I made an independent judgment as to who looked into things in “more depth,” which is what I assume you were trying to say.  You didn’t come out well in the comparison.

        I guarantee you the investigations in to Hillary will stop, there will be no special prosecutor, etc.  Why?  Because they’re not politically necessary anymore.  She’s no longer a threat, so doesn’t need to be destroyed.  The funny thing is that you all won’t realize that this means they were never necessary in the first place.

        You won, by the way.  You can stop being bitter, with the “Killary” nonsense, etc.

          The funny part is that liberal Jews and gay in America who dominate liberal thinking in America never complain about Zionist State of Israel which outlaws gays (let alone gay marriages) and let minors carry guns on streets - while using crook politicians like Killary to push for gun controls . What you liberals should should have caught long time ago is that Jews who dominate US liberal media and politics advocate one thing in US, through AIPAC and another for Israel.  I find this INTERESTING!

          The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch!

      Thanks Kyle.  100% agreememt.

    Hillary’s trustworthiness? You are a nice guy… how about Hillary & Billary criminality?
    There is little doubt in the minds of the American public that Hillary Clinton probably broke a law to many time. After all, she seems to have little reason to abide by it. In fact, she may be the first presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as often as she is by the media and if the FBI was not yanked back, each time they started the investigation she would have been indicted LONG time ago.

      stetsontg - yes was being nice.  They should both be in jail.  For a very long time.

        Do you remember who in the last days of his shameful presidency undid Glass–Steagall Act, setting the road for “To Big To Fail”  Subprime Rip-off and all other Globalist Shenanigans we are seeing now?

    Trump’s reply to Saudi prince proves “America made the right choice”!

    Trump’s reply to Saudi prince proves “America made the right~!

You know about physical courage.  Life hits us hard, so we have to have emotional courage also.  You were brave enough to have kids; that is a statement of belief in the future.  Help us lead the way against this regressive wave of greed and hate.  All of us who care about life on this planet feel sorrow today.  We can’t let that stop us from forging the way to a sustainable life on this one beautiful earth. You inspire so many, please keep up the charge.

Hi Jeremy,

My friend linked me to your blog article to help me understand her feelings towards the Trump election.

It’s a nice article. Like any oil-made media protesting our inaction to climate change; it amounts to a person putting an oil-made anti-oil drilling sticker on their oil-made car and driving to an anti-oil rally to protest the supply and demand that creates the oil industry. Followed by taking an oil-Xanax to relieve the headache caused by the fact that oil is still being extracted.

But that’s not our fault. We were simply born into this oil/gas/coal crazy world and we have to use the very things that are killing us… but by George we will complain about it while we consume!

I really do like your article though. Hypocrisy aside, you make a very good point: people be convinced of things. They can change their minds.
We need our leaders to lead us, to drive us as a group to do what’s right. Even though they, too, are simple humans, thrown into the same mess as we all are.
So the United States has this new leader who has taken climate positive actions off table. Why? Well, he’s businessman and he wants his new business venture to be successful. He sees every single American citizen as his employee now. He needs you all to make his business successful. He judges success by a positive GDP. That’s his goal, his gameplan.

But what about climate change? That shit is important. We need to take action now (I say using my oilphone to connect to others oil tech). We need Trump to take action now!


Speak his language. If he’s the lemon of climate positive world leaders, make that sucker into lemonade! Show him how this climate ‘fad’ is also a huge moneymaker. Can it raise his GDP, feed and house his workers (the American people) and get him re-elected?  Of course it can! You just have to show him how, all of you do.

And with so many businesses needed in the USA to raise that magic GDP number, there are so many opportunities to do so right now. Flood the market with new tech opportunities.

Have a cry, eat some oil food, breathe, and acknowledge your enemy is not Trump, is not the administration, it’s supply and demand. Change the demand, create new supply, monetize climate change and Trump will be your biggest asset. He already is, you all just need to learn how to use him.

Good luck, we’ll be here, ready to help. You may not realise but what happens in the US influences the whole world. You are ALL our leaders. Be strong. Rise and we shall rise with you. Be glad that your new leader speaks a simple language: profit.

Jeremy, carry on brother!!!  Might be a set back for the likes of POW and Surfrider Foundation but if we continue our quest to protect the environment, we will make a difference.

David Riordon
Denver, CO

BTW, I am one of the last years of the baby boom generation and yes I am so disappointed in our generation squandering our natural resources and economic stability for Generations to come.

I agree completely with the main point of Jeremy’s piece; the fight for a sustainable civilization is critical and must continue despite a hostile political environment. But, come on Jeremy, “uneducated blue collar white person”? And it is quite a stretch to lay the ecological destruction of the world at the feet of a single generation.

A+ for passion, C- for tact.

Hello Jeremy,

I had the same sick feeling you did last night when I went to vote…I waited until the polls were about to close before I voted.  Here in Alaska we’re two hours behind you, so I pretty much knew what the outcome would be and that feeling only got worse as the night went on.

I’m a fish biologist who once lived in Jackson and Pinedale, and have been on a crusade for more than a decade to protect the things you and I care about.  I’ve done the “combat biology” gig in Idaho trying to save the few remaining wild salmon in the Salmon River.  I know what the environment is up against, and yesterday’s results don’t bode well. 

Here’s a link to an article I wrote explaining what I’m trying to do and how I’m trying to do it.  I was in Jackson in late September trying to network for my efforts, but had little success.  So if there is any way that you could help, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Basically, I’m looking for contacts that can help make a critical difference.

Best Regards

For me last night was not a defeat but a triumph to look at my own complacency of things moving along day to day and changing it to action to move even farther…smarter. ive buckled up, got a helmet and a mouthpiece, and ready to lock elbows with you, and thousands of others. This is an opportunity! They have no idea the power they gave us last night. through educating ourselves, we can educate others on how to walk softly, confidently, humbly ...but carry a really big stick.

Well, traditionally I would LOL @ JJ every time he tries to say something smart – being smart was never part of JJ’s ability!  Here, I stopped reading at “uneducated blue collar white person from the rust belt”. Jeremy Jones is clearly out of touch with the average American and out of touch with common sense … let alone reality!  What he is saying is that he is CROOK KILLARY’s supporter and this is where his credibility ends. From Whitewater to Benghazi, from Ripping Haiti to selling Ambassadorship for donations in the Billary’s Foundation, Crook Killary did it all, at expense of American people. Sorry JJ, ou are on the wrong side of the history. Trump did a lot of talking now is the time to start acting. #PutHerinJaill

Hi Jeremy

What a strong article, those words are just what people need after the events of this week. It is so nice to hear that you are not going to surrender and that you will keep on fighting. You are such a role model.
Your work is so important and not only in your country. You are inspiring people all over the world and we need more people like you.

Greetings from Switzerland

JJ, love this article. Confession, I lean right but, LOVE the natural beauty of our world and do believe we have an obligation to keep it ALIVE and THRIVING.

There are a lot of conservatives that I know who feel the same and would be 100% onboard with your approach….

“The fate of the world is in the Republicans’ hands. Get the Republicans on board. It is the only way now. Start with the 11 Republicans who believe in climate change. Find a way in. Learn from them. Find more. We only need a few more. Inspire the Republican voters. I have always believed they were the missing piece to solving this. Now they are the only piece to solving this. Put more focus on the state level, the town level, the PUD level.”

Working together will work. Let’s get at it! Excluding others from the conversation will never work.


I have never followed you or known who you are. I have concerns about our environment and global warming but it is certainly not at the forefront of what I worry about. I am pretty appalled at your views of a certain generation of people in this country. My parents are part of that generation and I feel you are in need of a bit of education to help round your views. Many of the social programs that have benefited so many were established by this generation. Many of the great activities and items that make life easier for you were invented by these baby boomers. The social security they are taking(I assume from your article you feel they are stealing or using your children’s social security) they paid in to, every penny they are taking they paid in to so if you want to blame someone for your children’s social security let’s look at the very same politicians you are promoting. Their careless regaurd for spending and balancing a budget has caused this financial mess our country is in. In our world if a person overspends what they don’t have.. they go to jail…but not if you are a politician evidently. Money is given every where to everyone with no regaurd to consequence of our future. So put the blame where it belongs. Not on a generation but in a political machine that has no reguard for your children’s future. Let’s talk about bottom lines and padding ones bank account… your candidate was king in this area. Along with her cronies they were very good at pay for play giv enough money to me personally and I will make sure at the sacrifice of millions you get what you want. I am concerned about global warming… but I am more concerned about where this world and country will be for our children… bankrupt,government controlling their life so they don’t have a choice of what to do or who to be. Terrorism , that’s a big one. A safe place that builds and stimulates a mind to create and invent even more great things for this world. I am concerned about kindness and bullying. I am concerned about the bottom line, not mine but our nations. Let’s be real here a generation did not get us here…Politicians got us here. So for change to happen you just cannot leave the same machine in place for change to come about you change. When we balance a country’s budget and get people working alll equally paying in to taxes not giving money back in taxes to those who don’t pay in. That’s when we can begin to approach other issue like global warming.

While I love this article and agree with it 99%, the one thing I suggest is that you’re careful about grouping people such as “baby boomers” into a single category. Just as our new president elect has come under fire for grouping all Muslims as terrorist and Hispanics as rapist, this type of generalization is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. As a person from the quasi-baby boomer segment of society, I personally have never sacrificed my ethics for the almighty dollar, I take great pride in my efforts of environmental stewardship, I trust in the environmental science and though I am not quite to the age of qualifying for social security, I too worry just as much as everyone else if all the years of paying those taxes will have been a total waste. Wishing the market to crash and and seeing people’s hard life earned savings, the 98%ers who will be hard pressed to make ends meet upon retirement age, will solve nothing but causing more pain to an already painful situation. These are trying and stressful times for us here in the United States and I ask that we please not further spread anger and hatred in general terms.

    With Trump there is at least hope. Unless Trump is obstructed by bad judgment and obstacles put in his way, we should expect an end to Washington’s orchestrated conflict with Russia, the removal of the US missiles on Russia’s border with Poland and Romania, the end of the conflict in Ukraine, and the end of Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government. However, achievements such as these imply the total defeat of the oligarchy. Although Trump defeated Hillary, the oligarchy still exists and is still

      I admit I did not vote for Trump (and wasn’t necessarily a Hillary fan) and don’t live in a red state, but I sincerely hope this seismic change in politics/elections can eventually have a positive effect on the way the world treats each other and our environment. Regardless of the perception the world has of our leaders, we as citizens are still the best ambassadors for what the United States stands for.