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New Patroller Unsure What Boss Means By ‘Safety Meeting’

A newly hired patroller attempts to clarify what type of 'safety meeting' they will be conducting this morning. Flickr Creative Commons photo. 

MOUNTAIN TOWN, USA — An in-the-closet pothead and newly hired ski patroller was caught off guard Thursday after his supervisor suggested they hold an impromptu ‘safety meeting’ before conducting morning avalanche mitigation.

Greenhorn patroller Nate Daniels, 27, was reportedly taken aback by his boss’ suggestion, and despite a long history of holding clandestine ‘safety meetings’ at his local ski hill, the new-hire remained aloof to his supervisor’s ambiguous suggestion.

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Daniels asserts his confusion was sparked by the term’s modern-day double meaning, with the Urban Dictionary defining such a gathering as “a smoke circle, blaze session or any other scenario in which marijuana, hash, wax, or oil is being burned.”

“Do people actually hold real safety meetings — is that a thing?” Daniels pondered aloud during a Skype interview with TGR. “I didn’t want to misjudge the situation, pull out a fat Marley cone with my boss and then watch my new job go up in smoke.”

Do people actually hold real safety meetings — is that a thing?

Despite the confusion, Daniels refrained from puffing tuff in front of his new boss long enough to discover — to his slight disappointment — that the planned “safety meeting” would in fact cover safety, avalanche mitigation and staff scheduling.

“I don’t mean to stir the pot,” Daniels insisted. “But we in the ski/snowboard community need to reappropriate this term immediately. Otherwise, we’ll have a whole generation of bros and brodettes who don’t have a term for gathering in gladed areas and dilapidated shacks to conduct illicit activities. We need to #Maketreerunssafeagain.”

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TGR Editor-at-Large. author of The Ski Town Fairytale and creative behind The Bumion. Lover of steep-and-deep lines, long trails—and hot springs waiting in the distance.

Well, I had no clue what’s the meaning behind it until I read your article ;)

Coaches meeting…