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Life Is A Beach: How to live, work, and play there

The beach is probably one of the least common places that entrepreneurs think of when they are looking for some place to set up shop. It's loud, touristy, and expose you to a lot of temptations and distractions. Nonetheless, working near the beach also offers a lot of unique benefits. The ocean waves, birds, and the gentle touch of sand between your toes help bring about a more relaxing environment that helps you focus better. But how do you build it? Here are six ways on how to build a sustainable business near the beach while staying focused on your goals and vision:

Enjoy Your Mornings

The benefit of living beachfront is that you get to see the sun rise and the fact that you have a couple of miles of runway to exercise on. Develop the habit of exercising early in the morning, whether for a 5-mile run or swimming into the sea. If you're not really into the whole fitness routine, you can simply go out, plant your toes into the sand, and clear your mind of any worries and concerns. Meditating can definitely help you get on the right mindset for the day and allow you to focus on the important parts of the business that you're trying to build.

Automate Everything

To be able to enjoy the beach, you'll want to automate most if not all of the tasks that your business performs on a daily basis. From product development to marketing, you'll find a ton of software programs out there today that can streamline operations through automation. Market research software is another great example of tools that you can use to minimize manual labor on your part. This software niche involves a set of tools that allow you to identify, analyze, and evaluate your target audience as well as your product's viability.

Network With People

Networking at the beach exposes you to different types of people. Different demographics go to the beach every day, from the old and young to the businessperson and stay-at-home parent. Use your location as a unique opportunity to do some product testing. Of course, you'll need to have a good pitch to be able to insert your business into a casual conversation with folks who just want to relax at the beach.

Adopt a Beach Diet

If you've ever gone to a beach, you'll find that most people who live near it are ripped. One of the key reasons for the toned muscles that you will see at the beach is diet. A beach diet includes lean proteins, such as seafood and soy, and carbohydrates including whole-grain breads and brown rice. Having a good diet will give you the energy you need to focus on your business and enjoy the beach life at the same time.

Set Strict Rules

Separating your personal life from your work life is critical to make both sides of the equation work. Create a list of rules and strictly follow them every day. This includes establishing hours of work and hours of play. Find a balance that best suits you and stick with it. Without rules and self-discipline to follow them, you'll be tempted to step outside and enjoy the perks of the beach. 

Prepare to Scale

Starting your entrepreneurial venture near the beach may work, but as your business grows, you'll need more space to accommodate employees and equipment. Furthermore, if you start hiring employees, you'll need to make sure the business location is accessible to those who are riding in public transportation and/or has a parking lot for those who drive their own vehicle. Regardless, make sure to think about how you will be scaling the business.

Final Thoughts

Working near the beach is the dream job for many people, especially those who enjoy the outdoors and water sports. The beach life, however, comes with its own set of challenges. You'll need to prioritize your time and energy into the actual income-generating business before anything else.

About The Author

stash member Vincent Stokes

Vincent Stokes is an outdoor enthusiast and an experienced world traveler. He also writes writes for the National Parks and works to promote pride in homegrown travel destinations. (@TravelingGlobal)