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Follow TGR on Snapchat & Instagram This Weekend As We Take On Crowd-Sourced Dares in Ski City!

Colter Hinchcliffe punches it through the choke at Brighton–one stop on the TGR Ski City #Crowdtrip. Steven Lloyd/Ski City photo.

We've talked a bit about Ski City (you know, Salt Lake City) lately, covering the best places to grab a drink after slaying gratuitous amounts of Wasatch pow, and what to do on the rare day when your legs actually give out from riding so much of it. This weekend, we're going to live it all for ourselves, and take on a whole host of crowd-sourced challenges from you, our audience, along the way. Some of our favorites so far have been:

-Get on the jumbotron at a Utah Jazz game

-Find a ski-to-your-car parking spot on the Snowbird Bypass Road, then ride three non-stop tram laps before lunch

-Eat a Big Benny Burger at Lucky 13

Bar X and Beer Bar will be one of 10 stops on the Ski City Bar Crawl challenge, which we are somehow thinking we can complete. Beer Bar photo.

-Complete the Ski City Bar Crawl Challenge: starting at the Brigham Young Statue, check out Beerhive, Bambara's Bar (bleu cheese potato chips!), Bar X & Beer Bar, Copper Common, Junior's Tavern, Whiskey Street (short-rib grilled cheese!), The Green Pig (roof deck!), Gracie's, Squatters, and finish at the Red Door

-Order a Susie's Special from Susie after skiing Susie's Trees at Alta

Got a challenge of your own to share? Drop it in the comments!

Want to follow this Amazing Race-style debacle? Follow Ski City on Instagram, which we'll be taking over for the duration of the #Crowdtrip, and follow TGR on Snapchat as we document everything live under the handle TGRonlocation. See you in Ski City!

About The Author

stash member Ryan Dunfee

Former Managing Editor at Teton Gravity Research, current Senior Contributor, current professional hippy at the Sierra Club, and avid weekend recreationalist.

Ski the “Hulk Hogum.”

On the “Last Run of the Day” ski or board the famous (but only locally known) Beaver Mtn. Ski Resort {backside} where you can choose almost any size cliff your dare launch off of, plus there is some great untracked pow, pow!?! Then cross the little creek and get picked up by your Buddies and look back at your awesome lines above ;)