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​Join TGR’s Tangerine Dream on Tour This Summer!

Come join TGR’s iconic Tangerine Dream on tour this summer! The 1980 Dodge Power Ram pickup truck steeped in TGR lore will be making the rounds, starting at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado on June 7. Back in the 90’s, Todd and Steve Jones bought the truck while adventuring in Alaska before driving it back to the Tetons. These days the Dream has a top speed of 55 - it might not run perfectly anymore, but it sure has character. The bright orange paintjob comes from the truck’s previous life at the Alaska DOT, the tailgate hasn’t stayed closed on its own for years (it’s still held shut by half a ski pole), and the cab has a veritable library of stickers from all across the world. For years, it’s been a welcome sight around Jackson Hole, something that anchors the TGR community no matter where it happens to be parked – and we’re bringing that stoke to the road. As it says right on the front...Long Live the Dream! For tickets to these events and more, check out!

The 2022 Tangerine Dream Roadshow:

GoPro Mountain Games in Vail - June 7-12

Bentonville Bike Fest (including Esperanto screening) - June 17-19

Denver premiere of Esperanto - June 22 at Oriental Theater

Boulder premiere of Esperanto - June 23 at Boulder Theatre

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It all began with a dream and a little cash scraped together from fishing in Alaska... Since 1995, we've been an action sports media company committed to fueling progression through our ground-breaking films (37 and counting) and online content.

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Extending the life of a classic truck, love it! My grandfather had something similar that I used to help with restoration here in Parkland, FL. I need to rediscover my old grease monkey days. I’m just out here doing synthetic turf installs.

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