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Indie Rock Band FUTUREBIRDS To Release New Album, “Easy Company”

"I'm movin' on," Daniel Womack sings during the first minute of Easy Company, an album that finds Futurebirds — once the best-kept secret of Athens, GA's music scene, now a beloved act on a national scale— back in the driver's seat, speeding together toward some new horizon. Futurebirds have built an audience that's as wide as the band's sound. With Easy Company, Futurebirds' fifth studio album, that sound reaches a new peak.

We chatted with the band about their inspiration, tour highlights, and our second Futurebirds x TGR collab.

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Can you tell us the story of how Futurebirds came to be?

Athens, GA is a magical place. The original lineup of the band met a long time ago in Athens, slowly coming into each other’s orbits via school, bars, bands, with a few of us also interning at the recording studio Chase Park Transduction. We originally had a bunch of different bands, all more-or-less being made up of the same core of folks which, for better or worse, congealed under the Futurebirds moniker. In the 15 years since, we’ve only been made better by the addition of some unbelievably talented bandmates and friends. We feel like we’re just now actually hitting our stride.

What are some of the biggest influences on all the new music you have coming out this summer?

Our influences are, and have always been, really wide. The van playlist can sound like the ramblings of a madman. That’s just the fortunate nature of having a big band from different backgrounds and multiple singer/songwriters. Everyone’s influence makes its way into the songs. On this record though, I’d say we were more-so influenced by where it was recorded above anything else. Sonic Ranch is a 3000-acre Pecan farm 45 minutes outside of El Paso, located on the US-Mexico border with some incredible recording studios. It’s a wholly unique experience as far as a recording environment goes, and it would be hard not to be influenced by the vast, rugged, and isolated nature of the area. Our outside company was also a huge influence - Brad Cook, who produced the record, was a guiding light and did a good job to keep us out of our creative comfort zone, which at times was really tough, both for us, and for him. We can be really hard-headed, and set in our ways from doing this so long, so it was no easy feat for Brad to keep us on his envisioned path. And like most things that are worthwhile, but tough, once we got to the other side, we felt we were a way better band, and we ended up with a record that is way better than if we had stuck to a more comfortable route. We are all really really proud of this one.

Tell us about the new song you have coming out, Solitaires. What does the song mean to you?

This song was originally inspired by a graph I saw on Instagram, that showed how loneliness increases exponentially with age. It was a grim reminder that it’s very important to choose wisely who your partner will be in life. It bummed me out at first, the idea of losing touch with friends and family, but then I came to the fact that it’s actually a beautiful thing. Sure, life always changes, and people naturally come and go from each other’s lives, but we are unbelievably lucky that we get to interact, experience, influence, and be influenced by all these wonderful people and characters. And you’re telling me that if I’m really lucky, I get to spend even more time with my main person? That’s great news. So I guess the overarching idea of the song is: How about I stop looking at loneliness graphs on Instagram, and start spending more time with the folks I love, while I have them.

While on the topic of new releases, can you tell us about the Easy Company EP and its significance to the band?

On this record, we really wanted to let the fact that we have 3 distinct singers and songwriters shine. It’s always been the nature of the band, but it was always something that we just kind of took for granted. This time around, we wanted to celebrate that aspect of the band a little more, because it is something that makes us different from a lot of other bands out there in our general zone. The Easy Company EP was a way to release a first taste of the record with all three of us at the same time. The songs themselves are pretty unique from one another at their core too. There’s an upbeat country-rambler about Colorado, a more folky-leaning ballad, and a 90’s alt-rock ripper. We figured that was a great first look into this new collection of songs ahead, while also giving a new listener a peek into the history of the band.

If you were a listener about to hear the EP for the first time without knowing anything about it, what would you recommend for an ideal listening scenario?

Driving with the windows down, on a suspiciously well-paved road through a massive valley. You’re driving eight over the speed limit, and it’s the perfect temperature outside. You feel like whipped cream right out of the can and forget for a moment where you are, and where you were going in the first place, but you don’t care.

That, or - you’re at your favorite bar at closing time, and the bartender just said, “screw it, we’re staying open all night! And the drinks are on the house!”

Shifting gears over to the tour, are there any highlights you can share from this spring?

This year has been insane so far! We did a whole US tour with our now dear buddies, the Nude Party. It’s the only band we’ve toured with where we have a still-active text chain. We got to go down to Mexico to share in the experience of My Morning Jacket’s festival, One Big Holiday. It was as if they were pumping the slightest bit of laughing gas through the AC at the resort the whole time - All smiles from everyone the entire time, including us. MMJ is a Joy Machine. We just got to once again put on our tradition of a 2-night stand at the Windjammer outside Charleston. We played out on the beach stage at sunset. It is a highlight of every year we are lucky enough to do it. But what is MOST exciting are the things we have coming up this summer and fall - a western tour with Shakey Graves in some of our favorite towns (and by some of the Country’s greatest rivers) in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. We get to play the LEGENDARY Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to celebrate the release of this record, followed by 2 nights at Red Rocks opening for Nathaniel Rateliff. Are you kidding!? Stoked is an understatement.

What's your favorite way to engage with your fans in mountain communities?

While fishing beautiful rivers, skiing easy groomers on amazing mountains, hiking to swimming holes, hanging in the best bars, eating the best tacos, etc. I’d also just like to say, we welcome all good intel on places to check out while we’re in town, and we promise to keep secret places secret, should people be so kind as to spill the beans.

What are you most looking forward to while you're in WY, MT, and CO this summer?

The list is too long for print. But one thing high up on my list is getting to spend another few days at Pine Creek Lodge, south of Livingston, MT right alongside the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley. That zone is so beautiful it seems fake. Very special to us. Also getting to play the Teton County Fair in Jackson is big on our excitement list - We’re going to see if we can get Womz entered to wrestle the greased pig. He’s gold medal material.

Going into our second apparel collab together, what are some key elements of the Futurebirds and TGR brand ethos that you're excited to see come to life?

I think our crews are very well aligned on what is important. Life is a terrifyingly fun adventure, and that should be embraced and celebrated. Don’t fear the unknown, let the unknown drive the car while you fiddle with the radio. And to be able to work with a company that, on top of having such an inspiring ethos, also has such a great eye for sick gear? Well, that’s just the highest honor. And while our band’s skiing videos might be sliiiightly better, we are always so stoked that a brand we look up to is down to clown with us on some fun, creative, and above all, STUNNINGLY STYLISH GEAR.

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You can catch Futurebirds this summer and fall on their Easy Company Tour:

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