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Earning extra money as a ski bum?

Wikimedia Commons Photo.

Many ski bums choose jobs for their proximity to the slopes and free lift pass rather than financial reward. Others are lucky enough not to have to have to maintain full time employment but are still interested in earning spare cash to splurge on new gear. There are many interesting and sometimes borderline legal ways to make money in mountain towns. Here are three good options so you have the opportunity to plan out your money making schemes before the winter season hits.

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CDL: That’s right, get your commercial driving license. Most hotels in mountain towns have mini-buses that shuttle guests to and from the resort. They’re always looking for drivers! The work is easy, warm, and every once in a while you’ll get a tip. The hours are flexible and usually in the mornings or evenings.

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Bartending: Have you ever dreamed of mixing a gin and tonic in a luxury vacation home? Bartending is a great part time gig. Not only will the resort and local restaurants hire you when their regular bartenders inevitably don’t show up on time, but the catering business is huge in mountain towns. There’s always opportunity whether it’s a private chef cooking for a wealthy family or a local business catering a company’s holiday banquet. To bartend, you usually need to have a decent knowledge of mixology and have a polished outfit for formal occasions. Tips are great if you pour the liquor generously.

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Rideshare Driver: Yes, you can drive for Uber or Lyft anywhere. However, mountain towns offer the unique opportunity to make more than usual. Ubers and Lyfts are generally more expensive than in a city because of the dearth of cars but this doesn’t stop vacationing tourists splurging on them after visiting the local bar. Additionally, there are lots of people who refuse to drive in snow so there’s additional business as well. Additionally, any decent mountain town is going to have plows working dawn until dusk so the driving really isn’t that hazardous. 

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