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A List of BIPOC Athletes and Explorers You Can Support

Representation influences our psyche whether or not we choose to admit it. It demonstrates what’s possible, it gives us a road map to follow, and most importantly, it shows us that we belong and we’re valued. For Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the outdoors, it’s a daily struggle to find themselves reflected in outdoor media. From advertisements, articles, and films the stereotypical outdoorsman is often portrayed as white. This lack of diversity creates a limited idea of what it means to be outdoorsy.

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There may be fewer BIPOC in the outdoors, but they’re still out there and they’re breaking down barriers for their communities. If we want to make the outdoors a more inclusive space, then a good first step is recognizing and elevating voices like these so that more people can empathize and relate with them. Will following these accounts fix systemic racism overnight? No. But celebrating outdoor leaders like these is a good step in the right direction.




Chrissana W. | @sandycurlz

Kaniela Stewart | @kani_tsunami

Mikey February | @mikeyfebruary

Nique Miller | @nique_miller

Ryan Harris | @ryharrisshapes | Surfboard Shaper


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