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7 Tips for a Stellar Glamping Experience

Glamping, or glamour camping, has caught on as a hot new trend. It combines the peace and relaxation of outdoor camping with the comforts of home. There are glamping destinations you can check out where everything is provided for you, or you can set off to your own secluded spot and create your own have. While it may require a little bit of extra setup and planning, the results are completely worth it.

Set Up Your Structure

The worst part of traditional camping is sleeping on the hard ground and potentially being exposed to the elements from a flimsy, or leaky, tent. Staying in a more sturdy structure with some type of floor, ceiling, and walls will completely change your experience.

There are plenty of glamping tents available. Many are made up of weatherproof, heavy canvas. A moveable floor pad is often included. With this type of structure, you can add little touches of home once it's set up. Place a comfy rug on the floor and maybe add a small table and chairs in the corner.

Make a Cozy Bed

The bed you sleep on can make or break a camping experience. It's no surprise that luxurious sleep is a cornerstone of glamping. Don't settle for a deflating air mattress. Instead, choose an elevated cot that you can top with your preferred mattress sizes. Finish off with some cozy sheets, blankets, and pillows and you won't want to leave your bed the next morning.

Personalize Your Space

Minimalistic is the standard when it comes to camping, Glamping, however, treats aesthetics a little differently. While you want to thoroughly enjoy the experience of being in nature, you will feel more at home with some extra attention to the visual appeal of your space.

Treat your temporary home the same as you do your real one. Add a bedside table complete with the book you are reading, some magazines, a candle, or even a plant. Use tablecloths. Dot a few photographs around. The effect will put you even more at ease.

Set Up a Lounge Area

The shelter and bed you stay in shouldn't get all of the attention. You will likely be spending quite a lot of time outside to enjoy the weather, take in the sights, and sit around the campfire talking and laughing. Make the main area where everyone will come together inviting.

Place a few rugs on the ground and use comfortable chairs. You can even set up a few recliners or a couch. There are inflatable options available as well for greater convenience. Drape a few blankets over the seats to ward off the evening chill. A hammock or two is also great for lounging or taking a nap. Scatter a few small tables to hold drinks and snacks.

Entertain In Style

Your lounge area can be created around the fire ring to stay warm and toasty while you catch up with each other and roast marshmallows. Or, you can set up another entertainment option. Host a movie night in your outdoor living room by setting up a screen or hanging a sheet to project a movie onto.

Bring a Generator for Electricity

A small, portable generator can open up many more possibilities. Use it to power some string lights that you hang around your campsite. A generator can be a lifesaver if the weather is intense and you need to run a fan or even a small air conditioner.

Your entertainment options will increase, as will your meal choices. With a generator, you can easily use a coffeepot or other small appliances so you don't have to spend all day preparing food over the fire. To cut back on the noise, select a solar-powered option.

Once you try glamping, you won't ever want to go back! It's a memorable experience filled with plenty of fun and comfort. If you have someone in your life who is reluctant to join you in your love of camping, this may just convince them. 

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