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7 Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Summer

The warmer weather and longer hours of daylight during the summer offer up the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and explore new interests. If you are looking for something to fill these long hours with, you need to try a new hobby. Hobbies can feel like a frivolous way to spend time; however, they are an immensely important influence on your overall happiness, satisfaction and health. If you want to make the most of your summer, here are seven outdoor hobbies that you need to try.

Intense Exercise

Pairing your exercise goals with your desire to expand your interests, can be an ideal combination, especially during the summer. This season, experiment with a more intense outdoor exercise experience. Everything from hikes with higher elevation to swimming laps brought to life with swimming pool financing can turn your days from monotonous and uninspiring into physically invigorated and revitalized. Don’t let your summer days sleepily pass you by when you can up the ante with a hobby that involves an elevated heart rate.

Softer Fitness Experiences

While physically intense exercise can do wonders for the body, so can softer, less intense movements. Consider experimenting with fitness experiences like yoga or tai chi that incorporate gentler, but physically invigorating movements. These can work wonders on the body and the mind, providing you with an outlet for stress, anxiety and physical tension.

Meditation or Mindfulness

Although engaging in movement is a great way to shake off some tension, there are plenty of other hobbies that offer a sense of peace without the same level of physical engagement. The summertime is the perfect time to try to flex your mental muscles. Give meditation or mindfulness exercises a try and find a sense of calm in all of the chaos of life. This particular hobby can help you improve your mental well-being and build up resilience.

Painting or Other Artistic Mediums

Many adults find that they lack creative outlets as they age; however, this summer you can reclaim that time and energy and focus it on sometime artistic. The colors and beauty of the summer season can truly be inspiring, making painting the perfect method to channel that energy. While painting is certainly a hobby you should try out, any artistic medium can be a great way to express yourself this summer.


If you find that words are more of your medium of choice, try making a hobby out of that proclivity. Whether you try your hand at writing short stories or try journaling as a form of reflection, writing can be a powerful tool. Surround yourself with the beauty of the summer season and let the words flow out of you. You may be surprised at how inspiring summer scenery can be.


Although many summer hobbies are daytime activities, not all great hobbies can happen during the day. The summer is the perfect time to try stargazing. Regardless of whether there is a celestial event or you just have a cloudless night, take some time to take in the glory and wonder of the stars. Other seasons often are too cold to enjoy the majesty and beauty of the night skyline, but the summer can offer the perfect setting to optimize your experience and enjoyment.

Outdoor Movie Nights

If you want to make the most of summer nights, make a hobby out of hosting outdoor movie nights. With temperate weather, a great film and plenty of friends, this will soon become one of your favorite summer hobbies. Give yourself time to connect with others is an ideal setting, enjoying a favorite pastime. If you want to make the most of the experience, make sure that you come equipped with comfy seating and the perfect summer snacks.

If you truly want to optimize your summer experience, you need to try out at least one of these hobbies. Take this summer season as an opportunity to expand your interests and build some fun into your life. Don’t let your mundane everyday schedule bore you to death when you can invigorate your life with a bit of fun.

About The Author

stash member Vincent Stokes

Vincent Stokes is an outdoor enthusiast and an experienced world traveler. He also writes writes for the National Parks and works to promote pride in homegrown travel destinations. (@TravelingGlobal)

I absolutely love the ideas presented in this article! There’s truly something for everyone, regardless of their preferred level of physical activity. It’s essential to engage in hobbies that not only cater to our interests but also contribute to our overall well-being. I can’t recommend writing enough as a summer hobby! As a writer myself, I find that the beautiful weather and vibrant surroundings inspire creativity. It helps me a lot in my job here which I love more during the summer. Writing helps us explore our thoughts and emotions, and it’s a great way to unwind and reflect. You can write alone or join a group to connect with others who share your passion. Give writing a try this summer – it’s a fulfilling and enjoyable way to spend your time.