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Sea Otter: Trek’s New Full-Suspension Fattie And Bananas-Light Rigid Farley

A full suspension fatbike that weighs just 25 pounds. Trek photo.

First a programming note: TGR will be releasing its long-term review of the Farley 9.8 in a week or so. Spoiler: it's fabulous. 

And now: the fat bike juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down, and people are demanding them in more sizes, shapes and weights than ever. In my last conversation with Trek, they made sure to let me know it's their fastest growing category and that their retailers can't keep them in stock. AND, they are selling most of them for straight-up trail riding.

Wipe it down, it's ready for summer. Trek photo.

So now, the Farley EX brings 120mm of smooth, efficient front and rear suspension (if you've ridden Trek's RE:activ damper tuning you'll know what the deal is) together with extra-grippy and fast-rolling 27.5 x 3.8” tires. And options for 4.8" on some models.

Not much was off limits on the full rigid Farley 9.8 we had at TGR all winter, so we're super curious to see what this can do. Of couse, all these bikes have an eye toward reducing weight wherever they can - especially around the wheels.

We're all aware the EX is not the first full suspension fattie, but it is a significant evolution because it's geared towards high-performance trail riding first, and snow and sand riding second.  It's light, it's got wheels and suspension dialed.  And that together was a tough (if not impossible) ask in the past.

Lean wid' it, roll wid' it. Trek photo.

The Farley EX will be available in a lightweight Alpha Platinum Aluminum model and an even lighter OCLV MTB carbon model. They'll all be available around fall. The EX 8 will retail for around $3,499 and the EX 9.8 will sell for $5,499.

The Rigid

22 pounds, no misprint. Fer cryin' out loud! Trek photo.

Last weekend, I raced the first XC event of the local Root66 series, and the fatbike categories were packed. So, for the purists who still want light hardtails and maximum efficiency (not to mention the plushness that a 9 psi high volume tire adds), there's Farley hardtail in regular flavors and a new flyweight 9.9 model with more carbon for more speed. It's freaking 22 pounds. Let that sink in. 22 POUNDS!  I've never had an XC race bike that light. 

Can't wait! Trek photo.

I personally felt the rigid 9.8 was a fantastic trail bike. The new Farley's range from $1,700 all the way up to the 9.9's eye-popping $7,499. Yes, it's expensive (the 9.8 is in the mid $4k range and just under 25 pounds). But damn, after having ridden the 9.8 and been pretty amazed by it, if the 9.9 isn't the lust object of the moment, I don't know what is. These guys are great at pushing the capability envelope of any category they put their hands on.

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About The Author

stash member Gunnar Waldman

Editor-at-Large, IMBA instructor and east-coaster. Raced Trans-Savoie in France, SoCal Enduro and Endurance in Temecula and is psyched for all the great new races in the east. Article Ideas:

“A full suspension fatbike that weighs just 25 pounds.”

Guys, where did you get this info? I have read elsewhere that it is 32lbs! Thanks :-)

    The new full suspension Farley EX isn’t on the TREK site yet, weight on the highest spec is correct at 25lbs. The Farley 9.8 rigid for last season was also 25 lbs, but has dropped to 22 for the new highest spec. on that bike. Info came on the data sheet sent to us by Trek.

      Thank you! Thats great news for me as have one coming soon

      Gunnar, I had the 21.5” EX 9.8 weighed and it came in at 34lbs so I thing 25lbs is a bit of an under estimate in the specs Trek gave you :-(