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Grand Targhee Opens Its Bike Park and Kicks Off Summer Operations This Weekend

The snow is finally melting, and Grand Targhee has officially opened summer operations for the 2024 summer season. With a variety of terrain, from family-friendly flowy trails to rugged descents and fun jump lines, Targhee has something for everyone and has long been a downhill mountain biking destination in the Tetons. If you prefer trail running, hiking, or enjoying live music in the mountains, Targhee's 34th annual Bluegrass Festival offers winding singletrack trails through wildflowers and stunning views of the Tetons, making "The Ghee" the place to be this summer.

Grand Targhee's newest Trails Manager (left) enjoys the fruits of his labor as the bike park opened today for the summer. Photo: Sam Negan

We caught up with new Targhee trails manager Kevin Frazier to see how things are shaping up on the hill as the summer season officially gets going this weekend.

So it’s been a pretty late, snowy spring, but I’m sure the last few weeks have helped. Is it starting to look a bit more like summer up there?

Yeah, it's definitely starting to look a lot more like summer compared to three weeks ago. Harlan and I were in the excavator moving snow off our trails just so we could start working on them, and now it's bone dry all the way to the bottom of ladies' waist.

The Targhee trails crew has been out testing and breaking in the fresh dirt. Photo: Sam Negan

So this is your first year as Grand Targhee’s Trails Manager, how’re you feeling about your crew going into the summer?

I’m feeling really good about our crew. We increased the size of the trail crew with a total of 13 workers, which is up from seven last year. We’re all one team but we kind of split it so we’ve got four hand workers for more of the gravity side of things, working behind two machine workers and then eight focussing on more of the XC trails, and then it’s just all hands on deck for some of the bigger projects. Right now it’s all 13 of us working together to get everything open and make sure the trails are running smooth.

Have you been able to get on some of the trails? How are they riding?

Yeah, we started test-driving them the other day. We’re currently rebuilding chutes and ladders from end to end, so we’re rebuilding all the berms, lips, and landings, so it’ll be all fresh dirt for this weekend.

Single track heaven. Photo: Sam Negan

And they’re riding smooth? Fresh brown pow?

Oh yeah, they’re riding good. Smooth brown pow.

It seems like the Targhee events calendar is pretty jam-packed this summer with stuff like ladies' ride days, the Gravity Camps, and the first-ever Colter Cup, what’s the summer looking like event-wise?

We’ve got a new Special Events Manager, Tony Ferlisi. He’s awesome and has put together a whole bunch of really awesome events this year. Just this month we’ve got the Wrun for Wray, a grueling yet beautiful three-mile run up Freds Mountain on the 22nd, the Teton Valley Pride Festival on the 28th, and a Women’s Bike Retreat that same weekend. This summer we also have a race called the Colter’s Cup, which is a two-day race in which stage one will be either from the top of Freds or Peaked, and day two will be from the top of Cream Catcher down to Mill Creek, ending at the Teton Canyon Trailhead. So we’re excited for that one, and then all the classics like Piere’s Hole 50 and 100-mile race and a Cirque Series race for you the mountain runners out there.

Sounds like a busy summer! Any fun new tools and machines you guys are working with?

Yeah for sure, that's another big thing for us this year, is we got some nice new machinery. We’re working with three brand-new excavators. So with that technology, we’ll just be able to get a lot more done. We’re planning on doing a lot more work on all of our downhill trails and then a lot of work on our cross-country trail system, and to just keep on on them to maintain Targhee as a desirable place to come ride.

Hard to beat those Teton views, no matter the season. Photo: Sam Negan

Come ride the Ghee this weekend and enjoy $20 Bike Park tickets, and half off sloshies and ice cream for opening weekend!

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