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Dogs & Diapers: 24 Hours in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dogs & Diapers: 24 Hours in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

"What? Knoxville, Tn. 
Seriously, why would I go there?"
Because it's actually pretty rad is the correct answer. Allie and I headed down there to check out a Foo Fighters show a few weeks ago. Knoxville is also blowing up in the mountain bike scene in the South, thanks to Knoxville Urban Wilderness. Both good enough reasons for us to have Olin stay with Grandpa for the night so we could check it out. 

Here is a recap of how that 24 hours went, and why you should invest 24 hours there too, in case the video wasn't enough.  

5 PM
Arrive to our hotel and unpack our stuff.
Shout out to Kayak for a $45/night motel with a continental breakfast that consisted of Oatmeal and Nature Valley Bars.

7 PM
Foo Fighters at Thompson-Boling Arena.

If you haven't seen the Foo Fighters in concert, do it. This was the third time I've seen them since I was 16 years old. Dave Grohl is like a fine wine that only gets better with age. 

I mean how cool is that venue poster?

Late night chicken wings. Because nothing beats late night chicken wings.


After starting our day with our Nature Valley & Oatmeal medley we headed over to TVB to get some trail info and add 5 psi to my suspension thanks to the previous nights chicken wings. 

11:30 AM
Arrived at Badger Preserve at Knoxville Urban Wilderness.
Played in the outdoor playground.
Did 4 laps on the flow trail "Barn Burner" (In video)
Spent the day playing hooky from work. 

Ate tacos & drank beer at SoKno Taco Catina.
Some of the most bitchin mexican food since I left Teton Valley, and probably the coolest mountain bike trail head I've ever seen, I mean look at their trail map. 

Cruised down the river front and under the bike arches, only second to the Antler arches in Jackson. 

Knoxville,TN, while it may not have the name, hills, or status of a lot of Western resorts is still a rad place to ride. 

Great trails, bitchin Mexican food, and a cool atmosphere. 
I'd highly recommend. 

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