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Why Australia Is The Best Country To Travel in a Campervan?

Travelling is supposed to provide fun. This is the reason why there should be proper arrangements so that you can you can enjoy your travel. You will realize that you require to look for accommodation so that you can rest at night. One needs to look for a hotel room that fits his budget and suits other requirements while travelling. 

In addition, you require to be entertained while travelling and so on. This is the reason why you should use a campervan to travel. A campervan is an alternative vehicle for travelling or camping that is sometimes referred to as a motorhome or a camper. Campervan is one of the best ways to travel in Australia.

One of the most exciting ways of travelling when on holiday is through a campervan. You will realize that it provides with the freedom to pause and a campervan is an easy thing to do. It is an undoubtedly an affordable way to see the world, coupled with the freedom to pause where you want and so on. 

A campervan is comfortable and convenient for you whenever you are travelling in Australia. It can take you to where you can experience exhilaration, adventure, sensuality and breathtaking beauty without having to worry about the sun setting down. 

There are many reasons why you should use a campervan to travel in Australia. Some of those reasons include:

1. Variety

Campervan travelers know that there are many models for them to choose from, depending on the number of people travelling with them. If you are many, you definitely need a big campervan so that you can travel comfortably. If you are few, you will definitely go for a small campervan. 

CampervanFinder is possibly the best service providers for campervans in Australia and I took their service to get a campervan for me and my family of four.

You will realize that campervan countries strictly impose vehicle capacity. Travelers should not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in campervans. This basically refers to a bed on a ship or a passenger’s stateroom. The common berth sizes are 2, berth, 4 berth and 6 berth. The number specifies the number of people to sleep in a particular campervan.

2. Presence of basic facilities

You will realize that campervans are normally equipped with basic facilities but these vary from one model to another. Some people normally like spending their time watching TV or listening to music. You can actually watch TV or listen to music while you are travelling in a campervan. 

Some campervans also offer a shower and toilet facilities. This means that you can utilize these facilities during the entire trip. You actually do not need to worry about parking on campsites that do not have all these basic facilities.

3. It is more comfortable

If you are travelling with your wife and children, they will feel more comfortable because they can actually take a nap anytime during the trip. 

You will realize that during long trips, you do not have to worry about staying at night because you can park the van anywhere and spend the night without any worries.

4. Flexibility

The other benefit of using a campervan is because you can take it anywhere you want. You will realize that if you choose to travel by public transport, you have to arrange your trip according to the schedule of the buses or trains. A campervan provides you with complete freedom that you need. 

You can travel anywhere, anytime. This is the reason why most people prefer using them for travelling in Australia.

5. They are affordable

You will realize that campervans are easily accessible. They are also affordable, thereby making them a great choice when it comes to travelling. 

You do not have to pay a lot of money when hiring them. They also save you the cost of having to pay for accommodations that would otherwise make you spend a lot of money. Campervans are truly incredible.

A campervan is essential when traveling in Australia. Travelling can have a lot of expenses. These expenses include transport, accommodation, meals and so on. However, when you hire a campervan, you can reduce those expenses that you incur on your travels. 

Most campervans normally have in-built kitchens where you can make meals and so on. In addition, it allows you to have the freedom you need when travelling. Hire a campervan and you will enjoy the results.

About The Author

stash member Grishma

Grishma is a public health graduate from Nepal and a travel freak who loves adventure and is always eager to learn more about the new culture around the world.

Australia is an amazing place to visit in a campervan. Some of the great benefits include the vastness of the country, the differences in the areas (Outback vs the coast) and also the safety on the road. The affordability is a bit tricky, but many people get around this either by temporarily buying a campervan from a site like Gumtree ( or hiring a campervan from a site like Camper Champ ( It’s an amazing travel experience. Especially if you can do it over the long-term. One other tip is to travel in a campervan that has offroad capabilities to really explore Australia.