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Undeground Art Exhibition

I'm in Paris for a meeting, and on the way to the airport we visited the abandoned underground railroad line. What did we find? An art show and sculptures deep inside the tunnels! And also wonderful graffiti!

The underground railroad line is the Petite Ceinture, a 1850s circle line around Paris. It runs to a large extent underground, but was gradually abandoned in the 1930s as Paris metro started to draw the passengers. I had also visited Petite Ceinture last year.

This time I was with my friend Tapani, which was great -- I have to say it feels less lonely to walk dark tunnels with someone than doing it alone :-) Although funnily enough, in the middle of the tunnel on our 2 x 2km walk we run into some other two people walking there. We did what people normally do in those situations, said Bonjour, and continued our walk :-)

This time the access to Petite Ceinture was not as easy as last time. Some effort was needed to find a path. And some climbing:

Excellent graffiti:

Nice cave forms starting to appear:

A side tunnel with a top (locked) exit:

A bed half a kilometer from the tunnel entrance:

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