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Tips to Keeping Clean While Traveling

Traveling is one of the most liberating and exciting experiences that a person can have. Meeting new people, seeing new places and learning about new cultures is a great way to grow as a human being. It is not surprising that this activity is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. However, there are some aspects of traveling that aren't often mentioned. Whether traveling for a many months or only a few days, personal hygiene becomes a bit trickier than normal. Travelers don't always have the convenience of a shower, washing machine, sink and other amenities used to stay clean. Here are a few tips for staying clean while traveling.

1. Separate shoes from other articles of clothing.

Shoes are the dirtiest items that people have to pack. While it is possible to have a separate bag for shoes, many travelers aren't willing to pay the extra airline costs for an extra item. Simply placing shoes inside a bag with clean items of clothing isn't a good idea either. Nobody wants to show up to their vacation destination with dirty clothes that smell like shoes. Travelers can wrap their shoes in a plastic bag or other divider to help keep other items in their bag clean and smelling fresh.

2. Keep toiletries in a plastic bag.

There is nothing worse than opening up a suitcase only to find that a bottle had exploded during the flight. The difference in air pressure experienced during take-off and landing has the ability to make bottles and tubes pop from pressure. If toiletries are scattered throughout a suitcase, one explosion could ruin everything inside. To help avoid this issue, travelers are recommended to place their bottled toiletries inside of tightly-sealed plastic bag. This way, even if an explosion does occur, the aftermath is contained to the bag.

3. Look for good lodging.

It is more common than one would think for travelers to call local companies in their area to come and clean up or help a situation. Pest control is a service that is called quite regularly, especially if you are in a city or region that is surrounded by a forested area. Calling a pest control company in Portland while traveling around Oregon would be a great solution to your problems while on the road there. Don’t overlook the opportunity to make your experience a little bit happier and stress free, consider taking this action on your next trip.

4. Bring a stain remover pen.

Travelers are limited on how much clothing they can bring on a trip. Many people only take a few changes of clothes with the hopes of doing laundry at some point during the trip. However, everyone has had the misfortune of staining an article of clothing with food or dirt. Instead of having to wait to do laundry, travelers can simply remove the stain with a stain remover pen. These pens work effectively, take up little space when traveling and don't cost much at all.

5. Use wet wipes often.

Travelers are exposed to many germs and other contaminants because of the amount of people in small areas. From airports and train stations to subways and museums, travelers are often in places where many people are packed in tightly. This proximity increases the likelihood of sicknesses and germs being transferred. Using wet wipes is a great way to help ensure these germs don't end up causing problems. These wet wipes should be used before eating a meal, using the restroom and other situations where hands come into contact with the body.

6. Have a separate bag for dirty laundry.

Dirty laundry adds up quickly when on vacation. At the start of a trip, an entire suitcase is full of clean clothing. As more days pass however, travelers have the struggle of handling their dirty laundry. It's helpful to have a separate bag in which this dirty laundry can be placed. This helps to keep the dirty laundry organized and also ensures that clean items don't become smelly or dirty. Many hotels offer complimentary laundry bags that can be used for this purpose. These laundry bags also make it easier to do laundry once the opportunity arises.

While vacations are amazing experiences, the downsides are not revealed in popular culture. Staying clean and tidy while on a trip is a real issue. These five tips can help travelers combat this problem.

About The Author

stash member Vincent Stokes

Vincent Stokes is an outdoor enthusiast and an experienced world traveler. He also writes writes for the National Parks and works to promote pride in homegrown travel destinations. (@TravelingGlobal)