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The Scariest Ski Slopes in the World

If you're one of those who loves winter not only because of Christmas but also for the ability to attach skis and ride from a snowy peak, this post is for you. In case you feel bored skiing from the top red, and even black tracks, slopes from the selection below will evoke new feelings and help you get an adrenaline pump.

Corbet's Couloir - Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

This slope is one of the most dangerous in the world. Being more than 10,000 feet of summit altitude, the slope's peak has the cornice drop. Jumping from the drop, skiers fall from 10 to 20 feet.

After landing, they have the only option, which is moving forward. The slope is almost 1,000 feet in length and barely vertical. Therefore, there will be no option even if there are the sharpest slide cuts on skis.

Also, skiers have no space for maneuvers as the slope is surrounded by rocky mountains that can be dangerous at high speed.

Paradise – Mad River Glen, Vermont

This slope is a great choice for professional freeride lovers. There are multiple paths so that every downturn can be new. However, whatever way you choose will be full of natural obstacles like trees, rocks, cliff bands, and even a frozen waterfall.

This slope is a great choice for a company of skilled skiers. Also, it's unsafe to ski on this slope alone as it can hardly be monitored. In case you're a student who adores skiing, feel free to grab your friends and spend a vacation here.

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La Chavanatte - Avoriaz, France

If you have the luck to spend a vacation in the Swiss Alps, try this slope. Its max gradient is 40 degrees. This piste is also known as the Swiss Wall. Being more than half of the mile length, this slope can help produce a lot of adrenaline with its steep slopes.

Harakiri – Mayrhofen, Austria

Yes, the slope is named after the Japanese suicide ritual. The name is self-describing. However, let's review it in more detail. It's a long slope that is 1 mile from the top to the stop.

The piste's gradient is 79 degrees. Even if you're fearless and have more than ten years of skiing experience, you have to avoid this slope on icy days.

Grand Couloir - Courchevel, France

This slope is not groomed. However, it is considered as an official piste since a lot of people ski there. The piste is 2 miles long. Its maximum gradient is only 35 degrees. However, the slope is wild. Therefore, skiers should be aware of rocks and branches. Fortunately, the hill is monitored so that people can rely on help in case of an accident.

Black Hole – Smugglers' Notch, Vermont

Do you like pistes that require people to maneuver constantly to avoid tons of barriers? If so, this slope in the Eastern part of the United States is the right choice. It's quite a long slope that brings complete freedom in choosing a path, which is great news for freeride lovers.

It is a 53-degree slope that is covered by rocks, trees, and bumps. By skiing there, people have to pass territories that experience a lack of daylight so that the feeling of running through a Black Hole appears.

The Streif - Kitzbühel, Austria

Even though this piste's maximum gradient is 27 degrees only, it's considered one of the toughest courses. The slope is 2 miles long and offers the ability to go fast. Some professional skiers can ski at 90mph there.

Even a small mistake at such a high speed can lead to critical traumas. Therefore, always pay closer attention to your gear, especially to the toe DIN visual indicator, to get your skis detached in a dangerous moment.

Delirium Dive – Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada

Those who love freedom while skiing will enjoy this slope. There are a lot of terrains for riding so that you will be able to ski without fear of hitting others on a hill. Inexperienced skiers should avoid it as there are many obstacles and icy areas.

La Grave - Les Deux Alpes, France

This slope is for 100% fearless skiers only. There are merely no courses and reliable paths. Whether the route you choose, it will be full of rocks, trees, and cliffs.

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By delegating your assignments to professionals, you can free your agenda and spend some days skiing on one of the scariest slopes in the world.

Helpful Tip for Extreme Sports Lovers

A lot of skiers adore the increased level of adrenaline and gained self-esteem after taking new scary slopes. However, some of them forget that it is a very dangerous sport that requires a lot of years of training. Thereupon, always go downhill on new slopes with friends only, so that they will back you up.

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