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Not really a cave nor could I get in…

Every time I go on a business trip, I try to look for places that I could either ski or go caving in. In Harbin, China, the language and Internet information differences were too big for me to figure out if there were any caves that I could visit. However, there was a reportedly nice bookstore that was built to resemble a cave.

Unfortunately, the bookstore was closed on the (holiday period) day that we visited there. Oh well. Not a cave, and not even getting in. The lamest work trip caving experience so far?

We visited the cave bookstore on a morning after a big, big meal and many refreshments. Here's one of the two whole lambs that we ate:

So I have to say we were a tad tired. But the meal and the drinking was not the only reason for this, for I had spent the night packing and the stressing out what to do with my flight tickets, as the Air China flights suddenly were 3 hours delayed... making me miss my connection. I ended up sleeping maybe three or four hours altogether that night, spending an hour and half on the Air China customer service line, and occasionally glancing at the sunrise:

This article has also appeared at the Blogspot site. And, of course, all caving related stories can be found from the site! Photos in this article are (c) 2018 by Jari Arkko and Alf Zugenmaier.

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