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4 Facts About Adventure Sports Affecting Our Health

Adventure sports are becoming a hit for the young generation nowadays. Although adventure sports have been around for longer than we think, it wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that adventure sports enthusiasm picked up speed and gained popularity among millennials. Classic examples of adventure sports are surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving and skydiving. There is still a lot of adventure sports to complete the list, but what do these sports have in common? These sports include a degree of risk, these are different from traditional and recognized sports, these sports entail self-confidence and self-reliance and engaging in these sports needs leaving one’s comfort zone. Adventure sports can be done in teams or solo, depending on the preference of the participant. As adventure sports may be risky, what are the health effects of these types of sports?

Adventure sports can have varying fitness effects

Although adventure sports can be considered an extreme form of workout, they could be beneficial or detrimental to the fitness and health of the person involved. The benefits include greater endurance, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced concentration, increased hand-eye coordination, and improved balance. Working up a lot of sweat over doing these adventure sports can boost the immune system and assist in the excretion of unneeded substances within the body. The downside can be injuries associated with these sports, fatigue, muscle strains, body aches, and eating disorders.

How did the last non-beneficial item figure into adventure/extreme sports? These types of sports need considerable physical requirements to keep up with the demands of the sport activity. An adventure sport athlete or enthusiast should have the right muscle mass and physique. The rates of binge eating disorder among athletes is thought to be considerably higher than that of the general population due to strict requirements for weight and performance gains related to body composition. Binge eating disorder can have adverse health effects and affected athletes should acknowledge and accept this condition as the first step on how to treat binge eating disorder. The next step would be to a seek effective medical intervention for this disorder and use healthy alternatives in achieving body composition and performance gains.

Adventure sports can have mental health effects

Adventure sports enthusiasts can gain several benefits of mental health such as improved concentration, mental acuity, heightened problem-solving abilities and a positive outlook. Another related benefit is the release of happy hormones stored within the brain, such as dopamine, and serotonin. These happy hormones are also considered as neurotransmitters, where they transmit chemicals that can assist in better brain, muscle and organ functions.

Adventure sports can have emotional health effects

The emotional benefits of engaging in adventure sports can be great. For one, it increases your self-esteem and confidence level by doing something out of your comfort zone. In a team setting, adventure sports can improve the ability to work with others and enhance your communication skills. Adventure sports can also enable you to break free of negative thinking and emotions and do away with self-doubts. Thus, you emerge a happier, more confident person from doing adventure sports.

Adventure sports can improve appreciation of life

Adventure sports can benefit its enthusiasts in more ways than just physical, emotional and psychological health. It can help improve the overall outlook and personality by discovering oneself. It can be considered as a journey of self-discovery because of the unpredictability of the conditions in the activity, the accomplishments gained from leaving one’s comfort zone, the overcoming of one’s limits and the rush of the possibility of risking one’s life. Adventure sports can be life-enhancing as a result.

There are just so many things you can get out of doing adventure sports. Also, these types of sports don’t have an age limit, so don’t worry about being too old for that kind of stuff. If it’s the thrill, adventure and fulfillment that you’re seeking, look no further and get into any one the adventure sports you think you might love. It’s never too late to enjoy adventure sports!

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