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Why Surfing Is Good For The Soul

Not everybody in the world of sports appreciates surfing, and many derisive critics hurl insults at surfers that their relaxed approach to life and the surf alike is childish. Surfing has always proven to be a hobby that helps break down boundaries between disparate peoples, however, and is more than a mere enjoyable sport. As a matter of fact, surfing is good for the soul itself, and helps bring together communities.

Surfing and mindfulness go hand in hand, and those looking for some inner peace would do well to hit up the waves of their nearest beach.

The skills you gain

It’s a bold claim to assert that surfing is good for the soul, but it’s an easily provable one that’s backed by common sense. If you take the time to review the skills any good surfer needs, for instance, you’ll find a well-rounded person who’s capable of handling high-stress situations with deft skill, such as playing the games a Gclub. Surfers need intense concentration and an ability to focus on one task while the roaring waves fall apart around them, for instance. This kind of determination and focus is excellent for when surfers are done with the beach and have to return to the office, or for when they’re lobbying for an issue they’re passionate about in their personal lives.

Similarly, surfing is a naturally social sport that encourages surfers to build bonds with one another that frequently cross even the harshest of borders. Organizations like Surfing4Peace are helping unite disparate peoples who disagree with one another politically or culturally but share a joint love for the ocean and surfing. As early as a decade ago, it was clear to see that surfing is a tool of diplomacy that’s relied upon everywhere in the world. What’s better for the human soul than ending conflict and uniting people together in a shared hobby?

Whether you’re improving your social skills by melding with other surfers or impressing beachgoers with the physical prowess and mental focus you need to be a surfer, you’re bettering yourself in the near and long terms alike. Even simply being on the beach to watch others surf can be good for your brain, as science reminds us that surf and sand go a long way towards rejuvenating stressed out human bodies and minds.

Above all else, however, surfing is good for the soul because it goes hand in hand with the kinds of mindful practices that those who have found inner peace have come to champion. Mindfulness practices, meditation, and surfing are all frequently correlated with one another precisely because someone who does one or the other is likely to do all three. For those who have never tried mindfulness practices before, after, or even during surf sessions, it’s worth reading into.

The benefits of mindfulness

Before we begin delving into mindfulness practices, it’s worth noting that this isn’t hippy folklore that’s been passed from one generation of surfers to the next in rumored stories. As a matter of fact, the prevalence of mindfulness practices and how good they are for everyday people is recognized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. When surfers discuss meditation, they’re not talking about clichés or nonsense, but sound medical science founded on the idea of stress relief and conscious awareness of the present moment.

For surfers, mindfulness is important when you’re out on the waves, as a failure to recognize your surroundings can cause a painful wipeout that could even lead to injuries. It’s imperative that surfers (amateurs and experts alike) are keeping their heads on a swivel and are aware of what’s happening around them. Even knowing where other beachgoers and surfers are is an excellent tactic for avoiding collisions or mishaps in the first place. It’s not only mental and physical benefits you derive from surfing that make it good for the soul, either, but also the friends and memories you make along the way.

Any surfer can tell you about a rough time in their life when the found solace in the waves, not to mention the surfers who were right next to them through the thick and thin alike. The beach isn’t only naturally beautiful and relaxing, but is a natural place of congregation for people trying to live their best lives possible while enjoying nature’s splendor. The kinds of interactions you’ll see take place between surfers often illustrates the very best of what humankind has to offer, as you’ll see generosity and empathy when a surfer is injured everywhere you look.

Critics of surfing should finally admit that it’s good for the soul, a lovely activity that brings people together. Surfers themselves should never cede ground in the fight to defend the sport’s honor. Surfing was made for all kinds of people across the globe, and there are few things better for the soul than the thrill of riding an amazing wave. 

About The Author

stash member Adam Alosi