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Opening day at Siberia… I mean Peuramaa

Local slopes are open! Peuramaa opened on Nov 30th, Serena on Nov 27th, Vihti Nov 23th, and I don't know about Grani or Swinghill but both are running their snow guns so hopefully soon!

Wonderful! Although on my first visit to Peuramaa, while the temperature was only "+2", the strong wind made it feel very cold. As you can see in the picture below, I'm shaking. On the next day, however, the sun is shining so it is all good.

I want to recommended everyone to get off their sofas and make a visit to these ski centers! I like Grani in particular for their community-run-and-owned ski hill, and Peuramaa for another close-by and small ski hill with lots of fun terrain.

Oh, and Peuramaa translates to "land of the deers". Here are the deers:

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