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Teton Backcountry Alliance Offering Free Pass Shuttle on Saturday

Teton Backcountry Alliance is proposing a skier/snowboarder shuttle to help with parking congestion on the pass. Wydot Photo.

Jackson Hole locals know too well that the parking up on Teton Pass can get messy—especially on a deep day. So what if you didn’t have to deal with parking at all? That’s what Teton Backcountry Alliance (TBA) is proposing with a hypothetical shuttle system on the pass.

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According to the Jackson Hole News and Guide, that idea is coming to life this Saturday with a trial shuttle run. With help from Rendezvous River Sports, shuttles from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. will scoop up backcountry users and whisk them up to the top of the pass. The shuttles plan to leave on the hour every hour from Old Pass road and stop at Phillips Bench, the top of the pass, and then finish at Coal Creek trailhead. Once at Coal Creek, they’ll do everything in reverse. Right now, Saturday is the only day they're offering shuttles, but TBA hopes to have the service going for an additional weekend day in February and March.

TBA’s shuttle idea was prompted by the increased popularity of Teton Pass. Due to a growing number of backcountry users, parking spots are limited on busy days, creating a headache for skiers and drivers. TBA is aware that a single shuttle day won’t fix the problem overnight, but they hope it will lay the groundwork for a future shuttling system.

Shuttling on the pass is nothing new, in fact, during the summertime, the Teton Freedom Riders ferry mountain bikers up the road as part of their monthly Teton Pass Bash events. Likewise, Big and Little Cottonwood canyons in Utah have adopted public transit options to help reduce vehicle congestion caused from backcountry skiers.

In the meantime, if you find yourself needing to park up at the top of Teton Pass, here are a few ways you can make the process smoother for everyone involved:


If you’re skiing with a group, don’t bring unnecessary vehicles up top. Pile into one person’s car and get cozy.


If the parking lot is already pretty full, leave your car at the bottom and thumb it up to the top. Plus, you might just make a new friend.

Pick up hitchhikers 

Picking up hitchhikers gives you good karma. If you’ve got the room and you’re heading up/down the pass, help a fella out. Who knows, that karma might just manifest into a free bagel at Pearl Street.

Wait your turn in line 

If it’s a crazy day on the pass, there’s probably a line of cars waiting up top. If you see said line, respect the people who came before you by not taking the first parking spot you see. That’s just not cool. 

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TGR Staff Writer and photographer. Fond of bikes, pow, and dogs. Originally from Northern CA, home for me has ranged from the PNW to a teepee in Grand Teton National Park.

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