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Massive Yellowstone National Park Floods Prompt Park Closures

Over the past few days, Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas have seen record amounts of rainfall, creating extreme flooding conditions in many parts of southern Montana. Currently, park officials have shut down all access and are evacuating visitors and residents already inside. The park will remain closed at least through Wednesday. At the northern end of the Park, near Gardiner, Red Lodge, and Cooke City videos have shown the extensive damage from flash flooding rivers. Massive amounts of water and mudslides have washed out entire roads and bridges, leaving communities stranded. Warnings have been issued for residents to avoid drinking local water due to broken pipes and contamination. The Yellowstone River gauge at Corwin Springs, Montana, reached 13.88 feet on Monday, breaking the record high crest of 11.5 feet, set in 1918. Elsewhere in the United States, days of extreme weather have prompted everything from heat warnings, violent thunderstorms in the Midwest that have left nearly a million people without power, and even a cold snap with mid-June snowfall in the Tetons. While these events are all happening thousands of miles apart, they are connected by a massive pattern of blocked weather over Western states exacerbated by the ongoing climate crisis. 

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The floods do not look great <a href=“”>Painters and Decorators in Edinburgh<.a>

The floods do not look great <a >Painters and Decorators in Edinburgh</a>

The floods do not look great Painters and Decorators Edinburgh

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