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Bald Eagle Crashes Through Jackson Hole Bedroom Window

Reed Moulton, of Jackson, Wyoming, was taking a nap earlier this week when he received quite the surprise. An adult bald eagle crashed through his bedroom window, shattering the double paned glass and lying, seemingly lifeless, between a desk and the window frame. Moulton feared the worst. 

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Luckily, the eagle quickly came to and climbed atop the fly tying desk next to the broken window, clearly in shock. Moulton quickly called Wyoming Game and Fish who referred the case to the Teton Raptor Center. The rescuers were able to avoid further harm to the animal or themselves from all the broken glass strewn about the room and took the eagle to the Center headquarters in Wilson. 

After a thorough assessment, veterinarians predict that the eagle will make a full recovery, having suffered from severe bruising, a scratched eye, and a minor concussion. The Raptor Center was also able to age the bird based on a USGS leg band from 1989; he is an astounding 30-years-old. For reference, the accepted average for a bald eagle in the wild is only 20, making him one of the oldest bald eagles ever documented in the wild. 

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Oh my god!! Is it an eagle?? How big is it?? When I look into its eyes, I fell scary. Just like it looks back at me. Eagle and vultures are the most scariest birds in the world. Top Rated CBD Gummies Anyway, thanks for sharing the post.