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6 essential tools every travel vlogger should own

If you love blogging, traveling and filmmaking, you should seriously consider becoming a travel vlogger. Perhaps you are considering it, but don’t know where to get started. We’ve put together the following guide to help you make your travel vlogging dream a reality. Here are the top six essential tools every travel vlogger needs.


You’re not going to have much of a vlog if you don’t have something to film with. Nowadays, you can do some high-quality video capturing with just an iPhone. However, if you want an actual film camera with all the bells and whistles, consider a professional camera. It has a wide-angle lens, a flash and a front facing display. Front facing displays are vital when you’re self-filming because you can see what the shot looks like in real time.


Have you ever gotten sick watching a video in which the camera is constantly shaking? Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why can’t that person just hold the camera still?”

Don’t be that person.

A simple tripod will keep your camera from shaking back and forth. You can also try setting your camera down on a flat surface. If you absolutely have to move while you’re filming, you can use your camera strap to apply tension between the camera and your shoulders; that will enable you to hold the camera steady.


Good sound quality is just as important as good video quality, if not more. If you’re hard up for cash, you can settle for the internal microphone on your iPhone or camera; otherwise, invest in an external microphone.


If you’re travel vlogging, you’re going to be relying on the sun to light your shots. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always respond to our timetable. If you want more control over your lighting situation and don’t mind carrying a little extra gear, get a LED light that attaches to your camera. Then you can capture well-lit shots no matter the time of day or weather.


There’s a saying in Hollywood that movies aren’t actually made by directors; they’re made by the editors. Good editing can make or break a movie, and that’s no less true of your travel vlog. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an editing wizard to give your vlog the post-production treatment it needs. There are a wide range of simple, easy-to-use editing software available online that’s affordable and will make your video look professionally edited. Those softwares usually come with music and sounds that you can add to your videos without paying any royalties.

You should also explore subtitling services, especially if you want your travel vlog to have international reach. Subtitles will enable viewers from all over the world to share in your adventures. You can also use subtitles to narrate your shots or provide helpful information and tips to your audience


Anyone who shoots a lot of video knows that memory space is a valuable commodity. Video files are big, and you can easily run out of space on your computer before you know it. Invest in a flash drive or even an external hard drive to help carry the extra digital burden.

Travel vlogging can seem intimidating at first, but all you really need to get started is an iPhone and a passion for what you’re doing. As long as you’re having fun, everything else will fall into place.

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