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What It’s Like On Wyoming’s Wind River Range

The Wind River Range means one of the best-known and least-traversed trails in Wyoming. Not to say that there aren't a lot of people interested in experiencing it. The problem is that the so-called "High Route" of the Wind River Range can be a bit of a challenge for a newcomer to hiking. Most people discover the route thanks to Adventure Alan and his pioneering guide that helps people get prepared, down to what equipment they should pack. However, actually being on the trail is a lot different. You may encounter people on their way along the path, but you're just as likely to meet people turning back.

What To Know About The Trail

The Wind River Range's high route allows you scenic views of twenty of the twenty-one tallest peaks in Wyoming. You're likely to spend days grinding away at rock faces to reach passes that offer you a glimpse into the majesty of the hills spreading out like a tapestry before you. The trail is unlikely to be too busy, and you're likely to spend one or two days entirely by yourself. This reality means that you have to be prepared for eventualities. Just because most of the time you'll be above the treeline doesn't mean you shouldn't pack bear spray. A mishap could leave you without help for an untold period.

Earning The Views

The Wind River Range doesn't give up its best views easily. You may have to scramble around a bit and exert yourself, but it's well worth it. Some days you might struggle to cover ten miles, and others, it'll feel as though you're breezing through the passes, with a surprise waiting at the end of every pass. Your pack is likely to feel heavy, no matter what you do to lighten it. As an aside, you should consider packing more food than you think you'll need. Sure, it'll add to your pack's weight, but you'll be happy for it along the middle of the trail. What seems like food for a week might turn out to be enough for a little over six days, all told.

Be Wary of the Wildlife

As mentioned before, bears may still be around the area, but they aren't so frequent. The region has several lakes, and you're likely to witness much of the wildlife coming for drinks if you hang around a bit. However, while bears may not be so common in these regions, you should keep an eye out for moose. These massive creatures can thunder down on your campsite and trample you before you can respond. Keeping alert and steering clear of them is probably the best way to approach these situations.

The Sunrise In The Peaks

One of the breathtaking things you'll always look forward to is seeing the sunrise on a crisp morning across a pass or over one of the dozens of lakes that dot the region. Whether you're in-state to vacation or open a Wyoming trust, you should take the time to experience the Wind River Range High Route. Not only are the views unique and gorgeous, but the area around it makes you feel welcome. The great outdoors has a reputation for refreshing one's spirit for life, and nowhere is that more evident than the Wyoming Wind River Range.

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