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Earth Month: TGR’s Suppliers Focus on Sustainability

TGR Supply is thrilled to work with suppliers that care about our planet as much as we do. | TGR photo.

TGR Supply is thrilled to work with suppliers that care about our planet as much as we do. Recently, our suppliers have taken many small and large steps to improve their overall carbon footprint, recognizing that big changes start from the inside out.

We can’t let you in on the secret of who they are quite yet, but we’re stoked to share some updates from one supplier in particular. Some internal initiatives they’ve taken include the use of a fully electric van for all transport, 100 percent conversion to more efficient LED lights, and providing filtered drinking water with reusable bottles to help eliminate single use plastics.

Recycled plastic pellets ready to repurposed into new products. | TGR photo.

They’ve devoted the same kind of care and attention toward their manufacturing processes. 33 percent of injection equipment (used for our sustainable eyewear products) is now fully electric, which uses 98.7 percent less crude oil than previous non-electric machinery. On top of that, they even installed a water recycling system for the tumbling process - the same water has been used for over five months now. Additionally, they receive 50 percent of their energy needs from solar panels, with the remaining portion coming from fully renewable sources.

In line with their greater purpose, they focus solely on the production of bio-based materials from renewable resources and recyclable products - an initiative that TGR Supply is proud to be a part of. 

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Plastic trash that would otherwise end up in landfills or the oceans gets regenerated into new usable material. | TGR photo.

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