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Afternoon swim at the abandoned underground submarine base

It is always nice to dip in to sea for a swim. Even if you're visiting an abandoned underground submarine base.

An interesting place, of course. A number of side tunnels, connecting an underground hangar carved into the mountain that would protect any maintenance that you needed to do on the subs. Darkness. But very clear water, even if one could see some submarine and docking junk at the bottom. Clear waters.. probably 10 meters or so deep, clear visibility to the bottom.

As I walked deeper into the tunnel, a loud kaboom sounded behind me. A sharp sound; turned out that someone jumped into the water from the entrance tunnel, a 16-meter drop. Not for me!

Of course, I also went for a swim, but wanted to do that in the dark end of the tunnel. The only problem was that I was alone, and that there weren't really proper places to go down, you could only jump down from a floating platform. I figured I'd just push myself up when coming back, but it turned out to be harder than expected. After some scratches on my skin, I did manage to get back again. I could also have swam back out of the tunnel, and catch the easier beach rocks outside the tunnel. But it was a scary moment, still.

Graffiti in the tunnels:

Dark waters where I swam:



Views to the bottom:

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