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    Nov 2006
    That was my fucking litre bottle of riesling BTW.
    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy_Goggles View Post
    If I lived in WA, Oft would be my realtor. Seriously.

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    That was a story worth telling and Peruzzi did it well. I'd always wondered about that year they took off...

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    big bump for this epic thread from Rob story.
    IMHO, maggots are a natural extension of what Powder Mag has fed our ski porn cravings.
    Folks come and go, myself included, but there's always a steady stream of good karma, aloha, porn and der poopenhausen.
    there's a few douche nozzle dirt bags but most keep me smiling. I'd answer those questions but need to get a big buzz on first.
    for the record, I've played chinese checkers against captain powder, the day. Dave Moe is the man.
    steeped in green mountain flavor, from stowe to jackson hole and back, proud to call myself a maggot and
    always have that change for a nickel, son
    Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste goood.

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    I blame...wait, never mind.

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    So when trg forum dies (probably a box fan fire, and server backup failure), and the second great migration happens, will Todd start a thread like this in the new forum asking what happened?
    I’ve just decided to be a middle aged somewhat depressed somewhat anxious fucktard until the end.

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