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    Quote Originally Posted by mtngrl View Post
    This may be a shot in the dark, but I'm wondering if anyone has explored the Brainard Lake - Isabelle Glacier area above Boulder, or has a good recommendation for touring on the east side of the divide? I've spent most of my ski years on the other side of the divide, and most recently on the other side of the Atlantic. I'm going through withdrawal from a plethora of off piste options, but don't want to fight traffic with the rest of weekend warriors to stand in line with them once I've reached my destination. I have equipment, but am interested in safety over extreme adventure.... thoughts / ideas?? Also looking for a good partner (s), if there is any reasonable terrain to explore.
    Definitely a lot of good skiing in the indian peaks. Pawnee peak out of brainard has become a Go-to zone in the spring but there are no shortage of options. It's incredibly beautiful up there. Isabel glacier is also sweet but far... I've skied queensway a couple times; seems like a line that's skiable year round.

    As others mentioned brainard is a slog when the summer TH is gated, but there are a number of other trailheads on the peak to peak highway that offer decent winter access and mellow terrain. Hessie trailhead in Ned for example. I picked up the front range descents book used on amazon last year. Great resource.

    I live up on sugarloaf and I've been exploring the indian peaks for about 2 years. I tend to keep the touring pretty low angle in the winter but love getting into steeps and couloirs in the spring and summer.

    PM if you want to make some turns. Eldora got about 6" today so the IPW should be real nice this weekend and next week. Have fun.

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    Both times were in October

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    That was my jongitude for failing to mention for those that don't know... Kitchen Wall is on an East aspect, I think around 12,200 or so. It's above the lake on the south side of Loveland pass.

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    Some slides under Pali with spooky looking fractures: Link.

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    It was years ago, but I've skied the couloir above Isabelle Glacier a couple times (Queens Way Couloir?). Both times were in October I think. It's a bit of a trek, even when the gate is open.
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