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    Surface livelife, Moment Ruby... Help!

    Hi there,

    Ok I am lost.. I have been skiing rossis for years but they don't seem to have what I want this year. Last few years i was on Scratch BC 178 and although I really liked them I would like a little more girth while staying of fairly short skis (I am 5'7", 160lbs and split my days at the bird between skiing and boarding).

    So the Steeze should be perfect right? Well.. 174 or 186... I wish there was something in the middle.

    The alternates then:

    Surface Live life? 142-112-138 in 179
    Moment Ruby? 140-110-132 in 180
    ??? (Not into made in China skis though.)

    These sound great but I don't know anything about them

    Anyone has time on them? What's their flex? My scratch BC (yellow ones) were about the right flex for me. What's the warranties from small companies like that? I'd rather support a small company but don't want my skis to delaminate half way through the season and be done!

    If it matters I am looking for a freestylish, playful ski that can handle bigger lines (not Alto big but big in my mind ). My skills are ok ( I rode snowboard for 16 years, 5 years skiing part time... Will ride anything at the bird without thinking much of it but without class nor style...)

    Ok that should be it...



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    i dont know anything about the scratch bc other then the first gen ones that fell apart on me

    but the construction is sweet on the ruby's, probably one of the best made skis i have ever seen

    the ski has a nice soft gotama like flex i think it is going to be a perfect touring ski for me

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    I also snowboard almost as much as I ski.

    The Surface Live Life's ski like a snowboard with the elliptical sidecut. Their construction is bomber, too. It's a very fun ski.

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    I've got some live lifes for sale and they sound perfect for you. I'm selling them because I want a pure play/jib ski and they are a bit too stiff for that, but if you want to charge too they should be perfect. They are super light, construction seems solid but I haven't skied them so I cant say for sure. here's a link to my thread, they're brand new and since you're presumably near snowbird you can take $25 off the price since you dont need shipping (I go to the U) If you want maybe you could check them out first to see what the flex is like too... I dont go on these forums much, best way to contact me would be on AIM, my screen name is bobaburg just like here.

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    Surface Live Lifes sound sick for you. I'm on live lifes, and I love em. They are light, and fun to butter and play around on, but you can defiantly still run a line if you're feeling it. They have almost a perfect flex, a little bit stiffer than line elizabeths/bacons, so they're soft enough to be fun, but stiff enough when you want to pick up the speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skipig25 View Post
    Surface Live Lifes sound sick for you. I'm on live lifes, and I love em. They are light, and fun to butter and play around on, but you can defiantly still run a line if you're feeling it.
    I just got to check them out at a small local shop earlier tonight. They could indeed be really fun. They are a fair bit stiffer than my yellow scratches. The guys said they will let people demo them as soon as their is some snow so that's probably what I should do just to make sure I really like them (and incidentally figure out excactly where to mount mine if I ever buy them). Yeah pretty cool. They seem very well made (not that I am too worried with the autrian stuff. They know their shit.)

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