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    NEW Movement Goliaths 06/07 - $469 3 Pair Remaining

    NEW Movement Goliaths 06/07 - $469 3 Pair Remaining

    Sizes: 191
    Dimensions: 135-108-124
    Radius: 32
    Core: Wood
    Only 3 Pair Remaining 06/07 Skis
    USPS Priority 2-3 Day Shipping - $25 Lower 48, $35 to AK and Canada

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    Awesome deal! Killer ski & a great alternative for anyone out there who missed out of the LP XXL SAC deal. Damn, I think I need a pair so my XXL's wont be lonely...No, …gotta resist...need..Lotus..120’s...shit…...$469!
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    goliath skis

    Hey there. Very interested in the goliaths. have they been drilled.How can we do business.

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    These are LONG gone man....Cheapest I've seen Goliath's go for lately is $700....
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    Don't talk to Shane Phillips like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane phillips View Post
    Hey there. Very interested in the goliaths. have they been drilled.How can we do business.
    Shane, I see you have bumped two 5 month only threads for Goliaths today. Try sending a PM to adria33. He is sponsored by Movement and skies them exclusively in his heart carving videos. I am sure he can help you out
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